Adrianna Tate-Duncan (2024)

I'm gonna try and be a better person. I'm not gonna give up
—Ade to Javier[src]

Adrianna Tate-Duncan is a main character on CW teen soap 90210. She is portrayed by Jessica Lowndes.


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Early Life[]

Adrianna Tate-Duncan is a former child star, actress, musician. Unlike most of her friends, she didn't grow up wealthy, since her mother, Constance was the sole provider of their family after her father left the family when Adrianna was a baby. She became friends with Naomi, Navid and Silver in Preschool, but became best friends with Naomi, and put Navid and Silver on the back burner.

Due to the financial burdens in her family, her mother thrusted Ade into the spotlight at an early age which worked since she got big roles, and it was able to pay the bills and keep a roof on both of their heads. Her fame however started to fizzle out when she got into middle school as she struggled to get more auditions, resulting in Constance having to get 2 jobs in order to make ends meet.

In her freshman year, she and Naomi were able to get into a C&C club, (Cocaine and Champagne) . Naomi had only tried it once, but Adrianna had become addicted to it.She suffers from a serious drug addiction and is under a lot of stress from her mother.

Sophom*ore year[]

Adrianna tells Ryan that she has been distracted because she has a major audition comingup. He asks what that will mean if she gets the part. She tells him that she'll be making lots of money. He makes fun of her for that, asking what she'll spend it on; shoes, clothes, or perhaps an expensive car she doesn't need. She then tells him that she'll pay the mortgage because her Mom can't. Adrianna goes to her major audition but when it comes time to actually do the audition, she bails. Adrianna arrives to snatch the purse. AtNaomi´s party, Adrianna returned the purse, minus the cash. Afterthe party, Adrianna uses the money she stole from Naomi to pay her dealer. Back at school, she tells everyone that she did the audition and she's in the top two for the part. "Keep your fingers crossed," she tells Mr. Matthews. Adrianna is with Naomi when she pulls up at her Naomi's dad's office and sees him kissing another woman. She's devastated and Adrianna tries to console her. Later, Adrianna goes to the Lucky Strike looking for Ethan and she tells him that Naomi is outside and she is freaking out and crying.

In "Wide Awake And Dreaming", Adrianna shows up for rehearsal, but as usual she's late and a bit strung out too. Brenda isn't impressed with her lead's attitude. Brenda tries to calm the girl, telling her that she cares about her and that she thinks she can be good. And when Adrianna gets onstage and starts to sing, it's clear how good she really is. Her voice is lovely, clear, and strong. At school, Adrianna is warming up withBrendaand her voice is superb. She's happy, excited and confident, until her mother shows up and tells her that she's arranged for several high profile agents and producers to be in the audience. All Adrianna has to do is perform well and things for their family will get better. As her mother piles on the pressure, Adrianna's confidence crumbles and Brenda looks both sad and worried for the girl. The night of the play, Stage Manager Silver is wigging out because she can't find Adrianna and curtain call is imminent. After a search it turns out Adrianna is there after all. But she's stoned out of her mind. Brenda tells her she can't go on-stage in her condition.

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She then tellsAnnieto get into costume - she's going on in Adrianna's place and there's only fifteen minutes until curtain. Backstage,Kellygets into an argument withAdrianna's mother who is furious that her daughter was pulled from the play. Kelly tries to make her see the condition her daughter is in but she refuses to see it – all she cares about is that Adrianna's opportunity to shine in front of some major Hollywood power players has been pulled out from under her. As the two storm out Kelly tells Adrianna to come to her office on Monday: she's not letting this go.

Later that night, the party at the Roosevelt is raging andTyis on his balcony waiting for Annie. The knock at thedoor comes but its Adrianna not Annie who is standing on the doorstop. She forces her way inside and is clearly there to make the moves on Ty as a way to get back at Annie for stealing her spotlight. Ty doesn't look interested but Adrianna lies and tells him she saw Annie and Ethan in a hot lip-lock.Later upstairs, a nervous but excited Annie arrives at Ty's room. But it's not Ty that answers the door. It's Adrianna wearing only a towel. Adrianna invites her in and tells her what a great job she did in her part. Annie tries to explain but Adrianna waves off the apology. She tells Annie that Ty is in the shower "rinsing off" and offers to go get him. "I'll tell him his next appointment is here", she offers. Annie looks sickened and rushes from the room. After she leaves, Adrianna laughs, chugs her champagne and goes into the shower, which is empty.

Adriannaspends time with Annie when they both research Debbie's job for Mr. Matthews project which results in Annie landing her an audition which prompts Adrianna to tell her the truth about Ty. Naomi catches sight of Adrianna sitting on a ledge putting in some eye-drops, Naomi does some not-so-subtle digging, trying to find out if the rumors about Adrianna doing drugs are true. Adrianna complains that the only problem she has is Annie. The next day Naomi approaches Adrianna at her locker. Naomi calls her out on her B.S. but Adrianna isn't having any of it. She's totally stoked about landing the movie. Adrianna offers to give back Naomi's necklace and as she digs through her purse, Naomi catches sight of something. A lipstick. She looks way to upset about finding an innocuous lipstick, which is a case with a hiding place for drugs.

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Just then the police burst through the school doors, dogs and all. It's a random locker search, Adrianna panics and worries that she's about to lose everything, As Annie watches, Naomi takes the lipstick from Adrianna's hands and heads toward the bathroom. Adrianna appears in Naomi's doorway, looking teary and apologetic. Naomi begs Adrianna to come clean, and her friend finally agrees. She just needs an hour to go home and explain things to her mom. Adrianna comes home to tell her mom the truth and instead, she finds a surprise party with just her mom. Her mother tells her how proud she is of her and how she couldn't tell her this before, but they were about to lose the house. Adrianna looks horrified. Adrianna fails to tell her the truth and instead she goes looking for drugs. Later, Adrianna is lying on the floor somewhere and medics are swarming around her still body. After she overdoses, she receives help for her drug addiction from her friend Navid, who pays for her to go to a renowned rehab center for the best treatment possible. Adrianna admits to owning the drugs, thus clearing Naomi's name.In a therapy session, Adrianna cries as she talks to her counselor. She tells her how badly she wants to see her friend Naomi. The therapist points out that it's good that Adrianna is claiming responsibility for her actions but Adrianna isn't impressed with herself. Adrianna also talks to Navid about her situation. At the homecoming Adrianna claims she's out on a night pass, but Naomi isn't fooled. Naomi tells her they can't be friends anymore because she can't deal with all the lying and the drama. Meanwhile, Adrianna is in the parking lot of the school, devastated after Naomi's rejection. Adrianna steps insde her dealers van, Navid appears and yanks her out. The dealer punches him and turns on Adrianna. The dealer leaves and Adrianna rushes to Navid's side and after finding him basically unhurt, asks him why he's doing this. It turns out that Navid has been in love with her since the second grade. As they talk, Naomi approaches. Adrianna throws herself into Naomi's arms, apologizing profusely through her tears.

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Adrianna starts spending more time with Navid, At Silver´s slumber party,in a darkened room are Adrianna and Navid, who are watching something on television. Navid finally puts his arm around the girl. She happily snuggles in closer and then kisses his hand. She keeps looking at him like she expects him to make a move, and when he doesn't she gets a bit exasperated. Finally she takes the initiative and pulls him in for a kiss. Seconds later he's on top of her and they're making out like there's no tomorrow. Just as she's about to take off her clothes, Navid stops her, asking her why she seems like she's not into it. Adrianna tells him that she wasn't born yesterday. He paid for her rehab, he wants to sleep with her. Navid looks like he's been slapped and tells her that's not why he paid for it. He stands up and leaves. Adrianna sinks back against the couch, stunned that she was wrong and sorry to see him go.The next day, Adrianna finds Navid sitting alone at an outside table. She apologizes for misjudging him. He tells her that he paid for her rehab because he genuinely cares what happens to her. Adrianna tells him she wants to be with him and they start a relationship. Adrianna visits Navid's family, who invite for her dinner. She suspects Navid is hiding something and he confesses that he's a virgin and he didn't tell her because he thought she expected something different. Adrianna tells him that she's not expecting anything and that she doesn't care because she cares a lot about him. They kiss. Adrianna has a rehab group support circle meeting and asks Brenda Walsh to attend with her, since Brenda was the only one to stand up for her before -- not even her own mother did. During her little sharing time moment, Adrianna says she wakes up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat and hating herself. Brenda and Kelly are there to support her as she learns a member of her rehab group, Hank, has learned he is HIV-positive and started using drugs again. She is reduced to tears since she slept with Hank several times while there, so she gets an HIV test, which thankfully comes back negative. However, her happiness is shortlived though when she is told she is pregnant, and she has no idea who the father would be, nor can she fathom telling Navid.

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Adrianna tries to reach out to Naomi. Adrianna tells her she’s having problems and needs to talk to her in private. Naomi tells the senior Mean Girls she thinks Adrianna’s on drugs again. Adrianna passes out in science class. Naomi finds Adrianna, who is apparently okay, at a playground and accuses her of using. Adrianna reveals she’s not high, she’s pregnant. She has no clue what to do. If ever there was a case for abortion, a teenage addict who gets knocked up by another addict during rehab is it. Naomi is sympathetic. At the school beach party together, George mocks Adrianna's alleged drug use. Naomi tells the mean girls to quit talking trash about Adrianna. Navid punches George for talking smack about her. Adrianna breaks the news to him that pregnant. Navid admits that he isn’t sure he can handle dating a girl who is pregnant with someone else’s kid. Naomi admits to Adrianna that she’s the source of the rumors about her. Naomi promises Adrianna that she'll be there for her, actually mentioning abortion as an option.

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In "By Accident", It's revealed that the baby father is Ty. She does not take the pregnancy well. Naomi says she thinks she should get an abortion while Kelly Taylor thinks she should raise it or give it up for adoption. She drives all night and ends up at a clinic, where they tell her she's too far along to get an abortion. Naomi supports her after Adrianna tells her. Naomi convinces her to tell Ty. Ty's parents will send her to a retreat in New Mexico, so that nobody finds out. She readily agrees. Later, Ty gives Adrianna a contract which states that Adrianna must keep the whole pregnancy a secret. Her mother has to sign the contract. Unfortunately, Adrianna doesn't want to tell her mother, as she thinks that she will be thrown out. Naomi convinces Adrianna to call Ty, as she thinks that the contract is unfair. Adrianna does, and Ty's mother comes over to Adrianna's house to discuss things with Adrianna's mother. Adrianna's mother, Ty's mother, and Adrianna sit down to talk and Adrianna tells her mother that she is pregnant. Ty's mother gets kicked out of the house because of her arrogance and Adrianna no longer gets her help. Her mother talks to Adrianna and sort of apologizes for her being a bad mother and Adrianna forgives her. Adrianna goes to school and decides to tell everyone her "secret". She gets help from Navid, to announce through the school's video system and tells the whole school that she is pregnant.Adrianna seemed set to have the worst Valentine's Day ever, when she got the pleasure of hearing Navid trash-talk her in the halls. Then she got a rose in class, only to find out it was from some of the faculty members that felt sorry for her. She decided to eat her feelings and ran into Navid while buying chocolate. Adrianna told him she was happy for him and Navid looked ready to dump his new girlfriend. Navid went to the dance, and Adrianna stayed home in bed. Navid showed up afterwards at Adrianna's house and called her a mess, right down to the chocolate smeared all over her face. He tells her that he doesn't care if she's a mess because she's all that he wants. He asks her to be his valentine, to which she accepts, and they kiss. They get back together. After Silver goes missing,Adrianna is unsure how to care for a child but when she andNavidoffer to babysit forKelly, the two prove to be better at the situation than they thought.

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As Adrianna's due date approaches, she and Navid interview possible adoptive parents, but she is unsatisfied with all of her options. Navid and Adrianna talk about the adoptive parents. Adrianna overanalyzes them, then says she kept picturingthe kid while they were talking. Navid suggests that they raise the baby together. Adrianna asks if they should get married and Navid says yes. The two then smile and declare that they are getting married. Navid and Adrianna fantasize about their future, but when they tell his parents about their decision to spend the rest of their lives together, they don't give consent. Navid and Adrianna finally come clean to their friends about their plans to raise the baby and get married. Their friends are less than thrilled, but Navid and Adrianna refuse to give up on their dream. Adrianna's baby shower turns into a disaster once she decides to end her sobriety by taking pills from the medicine cabinet.For prom,Adrianna and Navid saw Ty at prom with another girl, and the boys eventually got into a fight.

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Unsurprisingly, Adrianna's water broke. Adrianna and Navid spend their prom night in the delivery room. She had to have an emergency c-section and refused to see the baby afterwards. Adrianna receives a visit from a dream version of Brenda that convinced her she needed to say goodbye to her daughter. Adrianna woke up and held her little girl for the first time with Navid by her side.Brendashowed up for real and told Adrianna how great adoption was and admitted she'd been in China adoptingher own little girl. A teary Adrianna gave her little girl over to her adoptive parents and they named her Maisy. The end of the season shows Adrianna and Navid saying goodbye to Ade's daughter.

Junior year[]

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In season 2 it is revealed that Adrianna and Silver have grown closer during the summer through their mutual friendships with Naomi. Naomi and Silver have been in summer school due to Annie busting Naomi's post-Prom party. Navid and Adrianna's relationship has been progressing slowly, and while he is ready to take it to the next level and have sex, even going as far as to rent a cabana, she isn't, and still wants to wait. Meanwhile, Adrianna runs into her childhood boyfriend, Teddy, causing jealousy in Navid, due to their close relationship and Naomi, who has taken a liking to Teddy. The end of the first episode shows Adrianna and Naomi comforting Silver over her issues with Dixon and beginning their first day back at school, with Naomi proclaiming that this was going to be "their year".


Adriana and Silver leaving head to the Blaze meeting. Navid asks the staff for a killer opening story.Giasuggests they interview Teddy – rising tennis star and son of an Oscar winning actor, except for the fact thathe doesn't really give interviews. Adriana volunteers to talk to Teddy since the two have been such good friends. Navid seems reluctant but agrees. After the interview, Adriana gets mad at Navid for being harsh on Teddy, simply because they used to date. Navid points out that he's more upset because Adriana lost her virginity to Teddy. Teddy invites most of the gang on his father's yacht for a day cruise to get to know everyone better. Adrianna begins to show more appreciation to Teddy.Adrianna tells Navid about her agent and says she is going to skip for the audition. He tries to stop her, being that she said she was done with acting. Adrianna comes back and Navid is disappointed that she went but she says it was important to her. She gets a call and got the job.That night, Teddy finds Adrianna and she tells him about landing the part but Navid not approving. He acts sympathetic and kisses her, to which Adrianna is shocked. Adrianna invites Navid over and tells him that she turned down the part for him. Navid picks her up and kisses her before telling her that he loves her. Adrianna tells him that her mom is working late and that she thinks it's 'time'. Navid and Adrianna have sex. Teddy suggests a double date and Navid accepts before asking Adrianna. Later that day, Navid and Adrianna make love and Navid tells her that Teddy invited them on a double date. Adrianna says no but Navid tells her he already accepted.

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Adrianna thinks that she has feelings for Teddy, so she breaks up with Navid. Teddy tells Navid about kissing Adrianna. After realising that Teddy doesn't actually want anything serious, Adrianna tells Navid that she made a mistake and she wants him back. He rejects her. Later in "Unmasked" she begins to avoid Teddy because of what he did to her. In "Women's Intuition" Adrianna fails at winning Navid back, and thus, begins another downward spiral when she witnesses Navid flirting with other girls, and Teddy flirting with Silver. She purchases drugs from Jasper, the boyfriend of her old friend Annie. Navid later sees Adrianna buying drugs from Jasper at school. He confronts her about it but she angrily denies it. Naomi later finds her drugs at her house and leaves angry at her for lying. When Adrianna finds out about the death of Silver's mother and Navid's injury, she decides to make a change for the better. She gets rid of all her drugs and tells Navid that she plans on working on herself, because she realized that even though during the previous year when she was off drugs she had been acting like an addict, as in, extremely dependent on him.

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Then, at the Winter Wonderland dance,Adrianna tried to get her friends back. She saw that Annie was dating her former drug dealer, Jasper. She decides to turn Jasper in to protect Annie. During an intervention for Annie, Adrianna comes clean and tellsher that she purchased the drugs from him and that she's willing to come forward if she has to. Navid tells her that she shouldn't because she'll get expelled. Adrianna's strength and selflessness helps her begin to mend friendships with Silver and Naomi. The three also befriend Annie once they learn the truth about Jen. Adrianna also finds companionship in Gia, fellow West Bev Blazer and former addict. They become close, helping each other out during troubled times. Adrianna helps Gia move on from her ex. Gia convinces Ade to audition to be in an all-girl band called the Glorious Steinems. Gia later confesses to Adrianna that she has feelings for her, Adrianna herself begins to question if their friendship could turn into something more.

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After a heart-to-heart with Gia, Adrianna comes to the realization that she reciprocates Gia's feelings and the two then embark on a relationship. During the early stages of the relationship, Adrianna is reluctant to be public with their relationship much to Gia's dismay but after Adrianna performs live with 'The Glorious Steinems' she walks up to Gia to kiss her in front of the audience, after realizing that it shouldn't matter what others think. Adrianna is then approached by Ivy's mother, Laurel Cooper, who hopes to sign her as a solo singer. Put in the awkward situation of having to choose between staying in the band or going solo she talks to Navid and comes to the conclusion that she should go with the latter. Adrianna then has a heated argument with Gia due to the fact that Adrianna chose to speak with Navid about her doubts rather than Gia and causes Gia to walk out.

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While at a party, Adrianna and Laurel have a talk and Laurel tells Adrianna to follow her heart and leave the party to find Gia. Adrianna takes this advice and arrives at Gia's place only to walk in on Gia with her ex, causing Adrianna to leave her. As Adrianna's music career begins to take off, Laurel has her write a song which turns into a duet between her and famous singer Javier . The two feel an instant connection and things heat up fast while Navid realizes that he still has feelings for her. Adrianna and Navid get back together after Navid confesses his love for her. She tells him that nobody can compete with him. Javier offers Adrianna a chance open for Javier's tour, which is all year long. She reluctantly accepts, knowing that she would have to drop out of school in order for this to happen and be away from Navid a whole year as well.

Season 3[]

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In season 3, Adrianna returns from her summer tour with Javier where he tells her that her music career is over shortly before they get into a car accident that kills him. She sings one of his stolen songs at his memorial, a video of which is posted on YouTube. She is later confronted by Javier's uncle and manager, Victor. He then blackmails Adrianna into accepting him as her new manager or he will expose her. Initially Victor is quite controlling with Adrianna critiquing and bullying her and taking her image in a more sexual direction. In one case opting her to wear a revealing dress at a birthday party gig he set up for her and later suggesting she go topless for a magazine photo-shoot, to which Adrianna reluctantly agrees, alarming her friends and boyfriend, Navid. It pays off however and Adrianna begins to get media attention and is featured as the cover of the magazine she posed topless for. Over the course of the next few episodes we see that Adrianna has been drawn in by the Hollywood lifestyle, losing touch with her friends and Navid causing him to lose interest in her. The two fight in which he labels her as "self-centered". Adrianna realizes that she holds the power in her the

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business relationship with Victor, and that wouldn't expose her because she is a viable source for money for him. She asserts herself and begins to treat Victor horribly in retaliation for the way he treated her. In Holiday Madness Adrianna, now a rising star in the music industry, moves into a an expensive lavish mansion. She does so even at the discretion of Victor who advises her that it's a big and expensive commitment and that in 6 months things could be different, this causes Adrianna now so self-centered and self-assured that she cuts his salary in half. Victor later attempts to apologize and gives her a cashmere blanket as a sorry gift. Adrianna tells him bluntly that she hates it and he should just return it, sneering to his face.Navid and Silver are the only two friends that show up to her housewarming and Navid at this point has drifted away from her and developed feelings for Silver, to which Adrianna is oblivious. The next day at a Christmas party she is hosting in her new home, she opens gifts and openly regards most of them as hideous and mocks that they belong in the "the return pile", she opens a gift from Victor, a picture of him holding Javier's songbook. Alarmed she storms out of her own party and and looks for it. Her search comes up empty and panicked she phones Victor, who is seen with what appears to be a replacement for Adrianna. He explains to her that after she cut his pay he had no choice but to sell his story to an internet blogger. She checks it out for herself and finds the story that labels her as a "grave-robber". In Liars, Adrianna’s world continues to crumble when she appears on a talk show to tell her side of the story, and she is blindsided by a surprise guest, Victor. She pretends she suffers from PTSD in order to cover-up what really happened, but she gets found out.


In It's Getting Hot in Here, Naomi, Adrianna, Silver, and Annie decide to have a girls’ weekend and head to a yoga retreat in Ojai. Adrianna returns from the retreat and calls a tabloid newspaper to sell an exclusive story, about her trying to get her daughter back. But in All About a Boy, it is revealed that she has no interest in searching for her daughter and that she has landed herself a reality show. Navid breaks up with her and finally admits that he's been cheating on her. Adrianna, heartbroken, turns that energy into a promise of revenge on the girl he cheated with. She eventually finds out that it's Silver, but doesn't directly confront her. Instead, she plays with her guilty conscience. When Silver finally admits to it, Adrianna sends a nude photo she secretly took of Silver in the school locker room out to the entire school. The group takes a trip to Mexico for the spring break, where Adrianna and Silver's feud continues.


Upon their return home, Adrianna asks Silver to put it behind them and she eagerly and happily agrees. However, the next scene shows that Adrianna's willingness to make up is insincere as she exchanges Silver's bipolar medication for unknown pills. The effect of this is enormous on Silver who goes through a lengthy manic episode followed by a sudden depressive state. Adrianna's vengeful prank causes Silver to lose any chance of attending her dream school, NYU, and lands Silver in the psychiatric ward at the local hospital. Adrianna visits the hospital, pretending to be a caring friend, and takes Navid home, giving him alcohol and falling asleep next to him on a bed.


When she realizes he was drunk and forgot what happened last night, she invents they kissed. Being rejected later, she goes to Silver and tells her Navid kissed her. At a party for Ivy and Raj, Silver's stolen medicine falls out of her purse and all her friends turn their backs on her, which makes her think about committing suicide. She decides not to and resolves to becoming a better person.

Season 4[]

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Adrianna comes back from Africa and visits Silver at her apartment to try to reconcile but is rejected. She then shows up at Naomi's party to apologize again, but Silver once again, rejects her apology. Dixon then walks over and comforts her. While Dixon is standing on the balcony of his new condo, Ade walks out in just a t-shirt and tells him she came over to see him because she needed someone to talk to, but she ran into Austin, his new roommate and its hinted that they might have slept together, but Austin later tells Dixon they just made out a little bit and nothing else. Adrianna starts hanging around Dixon's apartment and the boys seem a little annoyed by her presence, especially Austin. After it is decided that Dixon tell her to leave, she tells him that she is going home, and that the only reason why she came to see him and been hanging around is because Dixon has been nice and sweet and is the only one who doesn't see her as pure evil. Dixon then helps her get a job as a waitress at Liam's new bar while working

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there Adrianna discovers that Jane is pregnant and promises not to tell Liam, but when Jane decides to leave she tells Liam about the pregnancy and he starts to trust her more. Jane thanks Adrianna for doing that. When Silver is going to shoot a video for Liam´s bar Adrianna take some time off where she meet a strange man who begins asking her personal questions. Adrianna leaves scared. After the opening of the bar Adrianna stays up late cleaning. When she was about to leave she noticed that the man from the other day was outside. She slept on the bar that night and Liam found her and asked what happened, she told him about the stalker and Liam called the police.While Adrianna was washing dishes at the bar the man shows up again revealing himself as Jane's dead husband and tells Adrianna not to tell anyone that he´s alive. After Jim shows himself to Liam and Jane she tells Liam that Jim was spying on them the whole time and that he was the stalker. Later, at the bar Ade talks to Ivy and Dixon and Dixon asked her

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if she can give his demo to Cobra Starship's manager because she knows him. She says she would but she isn't invited to Naomi´s party. Dixon asks her to go with him. After the party Adrianna is happy for helping Dixon. In "Benefit of the Doubt" Adrianna advises Liam to take the modeling job to pay the debts and bills for the bar. Dixon shows up at the bar worried about what is going to happen with his music career. Adrianna tells him to be carefule, wondering if Dixon is ok she stops by the beach house and discovers that Dixon is not sleeping and eating and talks to him about whats going on.She confess that fame took everything away from her and she doesn't want that for him. At Raj's fundraising event for cancer Adrianna goes to check on Dixon and finds him with a bleeding nose and takes his place in the fundraiser last minute, in the end Adrianna confronts Dixon about his drug problem.

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"It's the Great Masquerade, Naomi Clark" Adrianna is still suspicious about Dixon's drug addiction so she handcuffs herself to him for 24 hours at Naomi´s Halloween party in an attempt to get him to stay sober. Then the gang leaves to Vegas but Adrianna stayed because everyone is still mad at her at her. Ivy convinces her to go and check on Dixon in Vegas. Adrianna goes and she finds Dixon alone in the hotel room with cocaine and champagne. Dixon apologizes to her and they end up sleeping together. Moments later Annie arrives to the room where she found the drugs and starts blaming Dixon problem on Adrianna but he stands up to her and confesses his problem. Dixon finally agrees to go to a rehab facility in Santa Barbara. Before he leaves, he tries to mend his relationship with Adrianna, telling her that his feelings for her are real. She suspects that that might be the drugs talking, but she tells him that she loves him too and for them to hold off on their relationship until he gets back from rehab. In "Smoked Turkey" Dixon came back from rehab during the Thanksgiving holiday and tries to make a move on Adrianna but she rejected him because he needs to be recovered before they can have something. A few weeks later Dixon wants to try again getting into music but Adrianna is worried about what could happen to him if he gets into it again and even more when an old friend from Rehab shows up at Dixon's.

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In "O Holly Night" Dixon surprises Adrianna with a new song but she gets mad when she discovers that is the song she sang at the cancer benefit for Raj and tells Dixon not use it, then JD tells Adrianna that Dixon is going to use it at a concert later that night but he decides not too and asks Adrianna to forgive him. Adrianna reveals to Dixon that the song is very important to her because she wrote it for her daughter who is now 3 years old since she gave her for adoption and is the only thing she has left. After the winter break Adrianna and Dixon first reunite at the bar. Later, Austin tells the couple that his dad got them the opening slot for Scotty McCreery. While the two set up, a manager stops by and repeatedly hits on Adrianna. Dixon’s annoyed by it, but Adrianna says it’s just a part of the business. While they’re getting ready, the manager comes back and again hits on Adrianna. Dixon punches him so they get fired. Adrianna also says she’ll find her own way home. Afterward, Dixon talks to Austin about Adrianna at the bar. Later, Dixon apologizes to Adrianna and they make up. She and Navid become friends again and Adrianna tells Navid to go talk to Silver, but Navid says it’s too late. Adrianna tells him it’s never too late. At the end of the episode Navid tells Adrianna that Silver is dating Maisy´s father. After Navid told Adrianna about Maisy she tells Silver she’s not going to raise her daughter. Adrianna tells Silver she gave Maisy to a happy family, not to a divorcee who’s moving to New York with his 18 year old girlfriend and that she’s going to talk to Greg. We then see Adrianna kidnap the daughter she gave up for adoption at Maisy’s daycare center. Silver finds Adrianna & Maisy and shows Ade a letter she wrote to Maisy. Adrianna says she was going to give the letter to Maisy’s parents so they could give it to Maisy when


she was older. Ade adds that she felt betrayed because she tried hard to make sure Maisy had a good family. Silver forgives Adrianna. Then Silver goes back to her place with Maisy and Adrianna. Greg is also there to pick up Maisy. Greg tells Silver that the decision for Maisy to meet her real mom wasn’t hers to make and breaks up with her. Then Ade tells Maisy it was nice to meet her and thanks Greg for being a good father and looks at her for a last time. Later, Adrianna is stripping for Dixon to get his mind off of mixing new beats, and then Navid comes in. Silver comes in after wanting to talk to Navid, but he tells everyone he has an announcement: he’s going to Princeton. Later, Dixon gives Ade a key to the apartment. He majorly screws up and says it’s out of convenience, not out of love. With that info in the open, Ade leaves and says she doesn’t know if she evens wants to be together with him. Ade then shows up to break the tension and say she might break up with Dixon.Silver goes to talk to Adrianna and tells her she should tell Dixon how she feels, not assume that he knows. Ade shows up later at the now candle filled apartment. Dixon then asks her, again, to move in with him, this time adding that he loves her. Ade accepts and says she loves him too.Adrianna and Dixon land a meeting with a major movie producer to discuss music on his next film, but are


sabotaged by Vanessa.In Blood is Thicker Than Mud Vanessa finds Ade going through her purse/phone and Ade tells her she knows Vanessa sabotaged her meeting. Vanessa tries to talk her way out of the situation and says she won’t tell Liam about this and won’t be so understanding next time. Meanwhile, Ade shows Liam the headshot of the woman he saved and tells him about Vanessa. Vanessa goes into Ade’s trailer and says she warned her. Vanessa then breaks a glass, smashes her head into a mirror, and screams for help. Liam and Dixon show up, and Vanessa tells them that Ade went crazy and attacked her. Ade tries to tell them that Vanessa did it to herself, but Vanessa brings up the purse incident which doesn’t help Ade’s case at all. Ade has to go to security for questioning afterwards, which causes her to miss performing with Dixon.

Dixon gets a call to meet someone at a recording studio and is surprised to see Ade there. Adrianna wanted to surprise him with studio time so they could cut a new demo. Ade then plays a beat from Dixon’s computer and Dixon freaks and tells Ade she can’t use it. Dixon then has a heart attack and is taken to the hospital. Later, Dixon’s about to tell Ade the truth about his record contract, but she interrupts and tells him she quitting music because of Dixon’s stress. Ade tells him their music isn’t worth his life and she’d do anything for him.

While Adrianna & Dixon are at Raj’s funeral, Ade goes to get Dixon’s phone from his car. Ade answers a call from a guy named Carter, who’s from the record label and is trying to set up a meeting with Dixon about the tracks he sent last week. Ade wants to ask Dixon about going behind her back, but she doesn’t because of his


stress issues, so she chooses to trust him. Ade comes home and asks Navid where Dixon is. Navid lies and says he’s at a doctor’s appointment. Ade then opens Dixon’s laptop and sees an ad for Haley’s showcase. After Ade witnesses a sound-check from Haley Reinhart, she asks Haley about Dixon. Haley tells Ade that Dixon is performing with her. Ade tells Haley to tell Dixon his girlfriend stopped by. While they’re on their way to Raj’s wake, Ade and Dixon fight about Dixon’s record contract. Dixon tells Ade about the label not wanting to sign her. Ade tells him it’s sad that he doesn’t believe in her. During Raj’s wake, Dixon says Raj was a good listener and Adrianna says he took everyone at face value. Ade comes home looking for Dixon and Navid tells her Dixon went on tour with Haley. Adrianna wants to get out of the apartmeecides that he's going to do what he can to win heecides that he's going to do what he can to win her back. Adrianna gives up on Navid because she thinks he doesn't like her anymore. Navid leaves a bracelet for Adrianna and a note saying "Meet me on the Roof." After Adrianna performs, she is offered a trip to New r back. Adrianna gives up on Navid because she thinks he doesn't like her anymore. Navid leaves a bracelet for Adrianna and a note saying "Meet me on the Roof." After Adrianna performs, she is offered a trip to New nt while Dixon’s on tour. We next see Ade back to work at the bar. Austin comes up to her and tells her she should pursue a solo career. Adrianna tells him she’s in. When Ade and Austin show up at the party, the band, Mayor Hawthorne, recognizes her and asks her to come on stage. Ade doesn’t want to go alone, After the party, she tells Austin be her manager.Adrianna goes back to Navid’s to get her lucky shoes and tells him that Austin is her new manager but Navid


tells her he doesnecides that he's going to do what he can to win her back. Adrianna gives up on Navid because she thinks he doesn't like her anymore. Navid leaves a bracelet for Adrianna and a note saying "Meet me on the Roof." After Adrianna performs, she is offered a trip to New ’t trust Austin, and to make sure that Austin is looking out for her and not himself. Austin brings Ade to a surprise meeting with Judd Ridge his father. His dad tells Ade she can play his show the next night. Ade expresses concern and seems nervous about playing. Austin tells her he won’t fail in front of his dad again. Ade tells him he sounds a lot like Dixon, and that working with him was a huecides that he's going to do what he can to win her back. Adrianna gives up on Navid because she thinks he doesn't like her anymore. Adrianna goes over to Liam’s bar to see Austin. He tells her that he got a call from a director who wants to shoot her music video. However, the director doesn’t like the hook and wants her to write something more personal. Ade performs her new song at Madison’s bachelorette party. At the end of the episode, Ade apologizes


to Austin for not being able to trust him, and asks him to be her manager again. Ade’s performance at Madison’s bachelorette party has gone viral and is getting her noticed at the bar. She then confesses to Austin that she’s starting to get feelings for Dixon again. Later, Austin tells her that Dixon’s been calling and leaving messages for her. Ade listens to the messages. Dixon says to meet him at the Santa Monica pier. He tells her if she shows up, he’ll know she still loves him. Ade waits at the pier and gets a call from Austin to meet him in Vegas for her show. After awhile, Ade gets sick of waiting for Dixon and leaves. She meets Austin at the airport and tells him she needs to put Dixon behind her.

Season 5[]

Austin & Ade arrive in Vegas and are greeted by pop sensation Carly Rae Jepsen. It turns out Austin booked Ade to perform during Carly’s intermission. Navid calls her and tries to tell her that Dixon didn’t stand her up and he


deserves another chance, but Ade is having none of it and tells him that she’s done and over Dixon. To prove how over him she is, Ade goes to the bar, picks up a random stranger, and goes to his hotel room to sleep with him. She tells her one-afternoon stand she was using him to get a guy out of her head. After he gives her his number, Ade realizes she’s late for her performance, so she tells him he made her realize she’s ready to move on and leaves. While this is happening, After a short Carly Rae Jepsen performance, Austin tells Ade that he brought tons of agents & promoters to this show and that this is her last chance. Right before her performance, Annie calls Ade and tells her about Dixon. Ade books the next plane home. Ade gets tot the hospital and Annie tells her that the doctors are trying to stop some internal bleeding. Ade says she wishes she could take everything back to make him okay. Later, Debbie & Annie help Ade back to her apartment.Ade’s one night stand, Taylor, shows up at the bar and tells her he’s the bar’s promoter. Ade says their fling was a onetime thing, she’s back together with Dixon. After Ade finds out Navid is bringing Taylor to the reception, she tells Dixon she wants to stay in with him. Dixon, not wanting to be confined to the house, says they’re going. At the reception, Taylor talks with Ade. Taylor kisses her, and Ade slaps him. He tells her he’ll leave her alone if she admits


she felt something. She admits she did, but doesn’t anymore. Then, Adrianna decides to give Silver 24 hours of still being a kid before she sets up her appointment. When Ade comes home, she sees Dixon and Taylor talking about his performance. Dixon tells her that Taylor could help her with her new video. When she goes to see what Taylor has in store for her video, she sees a bunch of stripper poles set up. He says that she needs to sex up her image, and that he’ll have an instructor comes up to show her some moves. After the lesson, Ade does a dress rehearsal for Taylor and his camera. She ends up kissing him, and then leaves. Later, Taylor sends her the video of them kissing.Ade confides in Annie about her relationship with Dixon, telling her that she feels far away from him and wants to feel close to him again. She also mentions that they don’t have sex. Annie tells Ade that she & Dixon’s relationship problems before the accident are most likely the problem. When Ade tries to tell Dixon that they should talk about their relationship, Dixon brushes it off and implies that his career is more important. Ade goes to the beach, where


Taylor shows up for a talk. Ade talks to him about her relationship problems with Dixon, and the two once again kiss.? Adrianna is still frustrated at Dixon, so she leaves to go hook up with Taylor. When Ade comes over again, Taylor decides to tell her about his talk with Dixon. He also tells her that she needs to break up with Dixon, or they’re done. When Ade goes back home, she finds Dixon on the floor complaining about a sharp pain in his back. When they get to the hospital, the doctor tells them that Dixon has a spinal infection. Dixon admits to not taking his pain medication in fear of getting an addiction to them. Later, Ade goes over to Taylor’s and says she couldn’t tell Dixon. Taylor says it’s because she’s still in love with him, and breaks up with her.Adrianna signs a contract saying that Dixon is now her manager. Soon after, Dixon finds out about the affair and kicks Adrianna out of the flat, breaking up with her. Then, as her manager, he belittles her and she becomes really sad. She later sees Vanessa when getting her hair done and she tells Liam's bodyguard, Ashley.Before Ade decided to go on her trip with Naomi, she accidentally walked in on Megan & Dixon. Adrianna came over to discuss the material he wanted her to perform at the label launch. While Ade was at a biker bar, she met a guy named


Billy. after Billy shows Ade his motorcycle Ade asks him to ride her to the launch party and be her date. After Ade shows up to the launch, Dixon tells her he’s not only going to stop torturing her; he’s going to stop feeling anything for her at all. After Annie gets shot she shows at the hispital for support.When Dixon’s heading out to San Jose with Annie, he has Megan “babysit” Ade. Ade got an offer to perform at Naomi’s pageant. After Ade performs, Megan hands her a check for $15,000. Now I suspend disbelief for this show on the regular, when Ade calls the label to tell them about her cash money, they tell her that’s still not enough and she finds out about Megan’s scholarship. When Dixon comes back, she tells him that she’ll do whatever she has to do to get out of her contract.Adrianna, frustrated by Dixon's continuing cruel treatment of her, wishes to get out of her recording contract at any cost, even so far as to shoplift. When that fails, she strips at Naomi and Max's charity event to humiliate herself and Dixon.Then Adrianna is asked to substitute as a lead singer for a band in a Battle of the Bands competition at CU.

Ade & Silver are coming up with ideas for what to do with the food truck and come up with anything & everything, including mobile psychic/dog grooming truck & a travelling masseuse. Ade tries to get people over to the truck by offering free makeovers. Naomiplans to hook up Ade & Mark but then they get into a fight and call Adrianna a tramp, she hears the conversation and leaves the bar,They then apologize to Ade and Annie tells her nothing means more than their friendship.Adrianna suggests they take a girls night out to forget their life problems which takes a sudden turn when Naomi wakes up the next with no memory of the night before, finding out she's married, she teams up with Adrianna who now has blond streaks and with Silver to retrace the events of the evening before ThenSilver tells Adriana that she slept with Mark the night before. Adriana tells Silver she okay with it, but she really is not.

While Ade is dropping off some things for Dixon, Silver comes in and asks her why she isn’t returning her calls. Ade plays dumb and tells Silver that she’s been busy, and not to let her imagination get the best of her. Later, Mark invites Ade over to his place and tells her she needs to stop playing games. Ade admits that she’s been passive

File:Normal 1888.jpg
aggressive and wants to make Silver suffer a little. Mark then offers himself up sexually to her so she can have her revenge. After a short kiss, Ade calls Mark disgusting. Mark tells Ade to tell Silver how she truly feels. Ade goes over to Silver’s and says she couldn’t go through with the revenge because they’re friends. Ade then says that Silver hasn’t changed since high school and she doesn’t want to be her friend anymore. Later, Navid and Ade end up hooking up.
Michaela asks Ade to help her with her song and says to not mention it to anyone, specifically Silver. Later, Ade and Navid agree to shut the door on their relationship and make their last time their real last time. While Michaela & Ade are working on lyrics, Michaela admits to having a crush on Navid. Ade goes over to Navid’s and is about to tell him how she really feels. Before she can, Navid says that he’s glad they’re putting their high school drama in the past and moving on, to which Ade agrees. Michaela tells Ade that they can’t send the song in. Ade then secretly sends it in.

Michaela realizes that Ade released the demo, so Dixon goes over to confront her. Dixon wants Ade to apologize to Silver and tell her to leak the demo. Ade agrees, but reminds him that Silver’s never given anything up for him and only wants to make herself happy.Navid asks Ade what the point of them not sleeping together was if she was gonna fight with Silver. The 2 proceed to sleep together on Silver’s bed. After Ade tells Navid that she has feelings for him, Michaela walks in on them. Ade apologizes to Michaela and tells her she didn’t want to hurt her or cause her anymore pain. Later. Navid and Adrianna have been hiding away having sex for 2 days, so they decide that now is the right time to tell their friends they’re back together.


After Ade tells Navid that she should take Michaela’s place on tour, they get text alerts saying that Michaela’s missing. The duo then tells Dixon that they’re together and that Michaela walked in on them. Dixon learns of Ade wanting to sing at the tribute concert in Michaela’s place and compares it to her & Javier. Later, When Navid criticizes Ade for not telling him about her sending in the song, Ade is hurt that he doesn’t believe her and leaves. Later, Dixon convinces Ade to sing the song, and tells Navid that not only did Ade write the song, she wrote it about him.The final episode shows Adrianna's concert, where the stage collapses around her and Navid helps her out of the wreckage. The two kiss as they decide to spend the rest of their lives together and buy a house and a dog.


In Annie´s dream Adrianna took her role in Spring Awakening and made it work in Hollywood… for a while. She’s washed up & is looking for her last shot at a comeback. Dixon and Adrianna used to date, but Dixon became too concerned about his image and they broke up. Adrianna is hoping Silver won’t publish a video of her drunk at a club, since she signed a contract with her studio promising she’ll be sober, and promises to give her a huge story. After she stumbles out of a limo, Annie proves that she’s Dixon’s sister by showing her a picture of her & Dixon. Silver uses the picture and puts Dixon on blast for lying about being from Kansas. She also publishes the video of Adrianna. With both of their careers in the toilet, Ade & Dixon get closer at the going away party.


Navid Shirazi

Main page: Navid and Adrianna


Navid and Adrianna had known each other since they were seven before their relationship started. They dated during the first season when she got into rehab Navid started visiting her without her knowing that he was paying for everything. On Homecoming night Adrianna wanted to buy drugs after being rejected by her friend Naomi and Navid saved her and confess to her that he had been in love with her since middle school and they start dating, on the night of Silver's sleepover Naomi told Adrianna that Navid must want to have sex in return for everything he have done for her but he only did things for her because he loves her and she was shocked when Navid told her that he was a virgin they dated until she got pregnant by Ty but later make up and he decides to help her with the baby, Navid wanted to be there for her and the baby all the time and propose to her but in their bachelor party they realize that they were too young to get married. In season 2 Navid was ready to have sex with Adrianna but she didn´t want a relationship based on sex and with the arrive of her ex-boyfriend Teddy. Navid started growing jealous of them hanging out so much, Adrianna eventually cheat on Navid with Teddy and are force to end the relationship after that Adrianna started using drugs again but Navid help her they wanted to move on by dating other people but by the end of the season they got back together.

Season 3 they were together but after Adrianna start being blackmailed for Victor Navid notices that she was changing she slowly become a self-centered person and didn't have time for Navid problems and started growing apart after Navid broke up with her she tried to make up to him but Navid keep on rejecting her until she discover that was because he was seeing someone else and that person was one of Adrianna's friends, Silver, Adrianna made a plan to break them apart but it backfires.

In Season 5 the two become close friends again after Adrianna is comforted by Navid when she is angry with Silver. The two end up kissing and sleeping together, although decide that it was a mistake. When Adrianna comes over to apologize to Silver, she finds out that Silver is not home and Navid is house sitting. They talk for a while about Silver, although Navid soon decides that Adrianna is still angry with Silver and that there was no point in them not sleeping together if Adrianna was going to argue with Silver anyway. Adrianna agrees and they kiss, and end up having sex in Silver's bed, where Michaela catches them and becomes sad. They hide out having sex for two days before they realize that they should tell their friends that they are dating again, although later find out Michaela has been missing ever since she walked in on them. Navid and Adrianna tell Dixon and Silver that they are back together, although Silver seems angry and says that wherever Ade is, there is trouble. Navid sticks up for Ade. The final episode shows Adrianna's concert, where the stage collapses around her and Navid helps her out of the wreckage. The two decide to spend the rest of their lives together and buy a house, but not before they confess their love for each other.

Ty Collins

Had a one night stand with him resulting in their daughter Maisy. However they didn't see eye to eye resulting in her adoption and Ty's family was embarrassed about a child out of wedlock. When Ty dated Annie in season 1 she tricked him into think he slept with her by showing up in a towel because Adrianna was upset and hurt that Annie stole her role in the play.

Teddy Montgomery


Teddy was Adrianna's first boyfriend. She lost her virginity to him during a summer camp, when Teddy came back to Beverly Hills. She was happy to see him again and he starts making a move on her without caring she was dating Navid, eventually they kissed and this force Adrianna to broke up with Navid thinking she can have something with Teddy but he just wanted to hook up and nothing serious.

Gia Mannetti


After the break up with Navid, Gia and Adrianna become close friends. Gia broke up with her girlfriend and started have feelings for Adrianna after confessing her crush on her. Adrianna decides to give her a try because she was there for her. After Adrianna got a record deal and start getting busy, Gia got mad and cheated on her with her ex-girlfriend making the end of the relationship.

Javier Luna

Javier and Adrianna met while recording. They liked each other but Adrianna realized she was still in love with Navid, so they broke up.

Dixon Wilson

Main page: Ade and Dixon

She dated him for a long duration in Season 4 but he essentially broke up with her by leaving to go on tour without telling her. He then returns at the end of Season 4 to try to get Adrianna back, but when Adrianna goes to meet himat the designated meeting point, Dixon doesn't turn up. She then leaves to go to Las Vegas, where she sleeps with a man called Taylor. After that however, she finds out that Dixon was in a car accident. So Adrianna gets back together with Dixon, but they have intimacy difficulties and Taylor from Las Vegas turns up to get together with Adrianna. Dixon then seems to become increasingly disinterested in Adrianna and more interested in his career, which is why Adrianna and Dixon broke up in the first place. Distraught, she starts having an affair with Taylor, ready to break up with Dixon when he fully recovers. When Dixon collapses, because of not taking his medication, he tells Adrianna that he was concentrating on his career because he thought he needed to prove himself to make up how he wronged Adrianna. She then ends the affair with Taylor. She then signs a contract saying that Dixon is her manager. Dixon then finds out about the affair and breaks up with Adrianna. He now hates Adrianna, refusing her Christmas gift and making her business life hell as he is now her manager.


At some point you're gonna have to stop trying to make everyone else happy because Silver's only trying to make herself happy
I will do whatever it takes to get out of your contract and our of your life
Me and Navid have eachother. We always will


  • Adrianna is the first character in the series to have a drug addiction. The second is Dixon.
  • Adrianna is the first character in the series to have a HIV scare. The second is Dixon.
  • Lost her virginity to Teddy Montgomery before the series
  • Adrianna, Silver, Dixon, Annie, Liam, Lindsay, and Naomi and have all been seen nude in public:
    • Adrianna flashed during a performance in season 5.
    • Silver had a sex video of herself and Dixon revealed to WBH and the Internet in season 1, During season 3, Adrianna sent a Silver sext, and Nude photos were leaked of Silver in season 5.
    • Dixon was in Silver's sex video in season 1.
    • Annie had a nude photo of herself sent out to her entire school (WBH) in season 2.
    • Liam and Lindsay were in a sex video thatNavidshowed at Phenomi-con in season 5.
    • Naomi took off all her clothes as she went onstage to apologize for her behavior at the high school reunion in season 5.
  • Adrianna and Navid's relationship was the longest standing in the series; starting in season 1 and continuing until season 5. The two also end up together at the end of the series.


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