Greg Davis (2024)

Greg Davis
Greg Davis (1)

Name and Birth:

Greg Davis (1970s)


American Literature Teacher


Maisy Davis (Adoptive Daughter)


Leslie Davis (Ex-Wife)
Erin Silver (Ex-Girlfriend)

Portrayed By:

David Chisum (Season 1)
Niall Matter (Season 4)

First Episode:

Between a Sign and a Hard Place

Last Episode:

Trust, Truth and Traffic

Greg Davisis a recurring character in the fourth series of theBeverly Hills, 90210continuity. He was portrayed by David Chisum in season 1 and Niall Matter in season 4.


  • 1 90210
    • 1.1 Season 1
    • 1.2 Season 4


Season 1

Greg andLeslie Davismet withAdrianna Tate-DuncanandNavid Shirazito discuss adopting her baby once it was born. They answered Adrianna's questions enthusiastically and with the best answers out of all of the parents and were chosen by Adrianna to adopt her baby.

In the season finale, Greg and Leslie were at the hospital to adoptMaisy.

Season 4

Greg metSilverwhile she was at California University with her friends and she invited him to have a Thanksgiving dinner atNaomi Clark's house. For Christmas, Silver went to Greg's house and they began to date.

At CU, Silver met with Greg and he wanted her to finally meet his three year-old daughter. As Greg and his daughter meet Silver, Greg explains that his daughter, Maisy, is adopted from a local school girl that just wanted her daughter to go to a good home.

The next day,Dixon Wilsonand Navid spot Silver and Greg and head over to talk. Navid thinks that Greg looks familiar and realises that he was the man who adopted Adrianna's baby. After Navid tells Adrianna, she kidnaps Maisy but Silver finds them and makes them come back. Silver finally tells the truth to Greg. He decides to break up with Silver and moves to New York with Maisy.

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Greg Davis (2024)


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