How to hang vinyls on wall without damaging them? (2024)

How to hang vinyls on wall without damaging them?

Use strips of indoor mounting tape to permanently display your records. Cut 2 2 inches (5.1 cm) strips of tape and stick them on the back of a record. Peel off the tape backing and press the record firmly against the wall to attach it permanently. Repeat with the rest of your records until you've completed your layout.

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How do you display vinyl records without damaging them?

5 Cool Ways to Display Vinyl Records That Won't Hurt Them
  1. Album Rails. We buy posters of the best album covers for our walls, but have you ever considered using the album itself as part of your decor? ...
  2. Antique Book Trolley. ...
  3. Storage Cube. ...
  4. CLRCASE® Vinyl Record Display Cases. ...
  5. Upcycled Furniture. ...
  6. Great Care Means Great Sound.

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Can vinyls get warped if I hang them on a wall?

If you're thinking about displaying records on your wall, keep them out of any direct sun rays (indirect light is perfectly fine) because the exposure to direct sun will risk increased heat on the record, potentially leading to warp, and the UV light will cause the album cover to fade more quickly than we might realize ...


How do you hang vinyl on the wall without thumb tacks?

Use push pins to hang record sleeves up on the wall. 2 pins on the bottom and 1 on the top so no damage happens to the record cover. Inexpensive way to decorate your apartment with records. Use push pins to hang record sleeves up on the wall.

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Why is it bad to store vinyls flat?

Records shouldn't be stored horizontally, or flat. As you will see, archival record boxes are designed for the records to be stood and stored vertically. Storing vinyl records flat can place too much pressure on the records lower in the stack causing damage over time.

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How do you display vinyl records on the wall?

Use slim picture ledges to display vinyl on walls

The easiest way to show off your collection is to display vinyl on walls. Fitting slim picture ledges to the wall not only works well for picture frames and books, but it can work well for records, too.

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How can I display vinyl records at home?

5 Best Ways To Display Vinyl Records
  1. Build a Basic Shelf. Making your own shelves for displaying vinyl records is easier than you might think. ...
  2. Use Vinyl Mounts. ...
  3. Make Wall Art Out of Old Records. ...
  4. Use Cabinets, Mantles, and More. ...
  5. Use Bookshelves.
Jan 7, 2022

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Should vinyl records be stored upright or flat?

Store Upright, Not Flat

Repeat after us: Never store vinyl records flat, stacked on top of each other for more than short periods of time. Not only does storing your records flat make it hard to pull them out and listen to them, but the uneven distribution of pressure can cause the vinyl to warp.

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Is it OK to play slightly warped vinyl?

You can play a vinyl record that is slightly warped. However, the record might skip depending on how severely warped it is.

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Is it OK if a vinyl is slightly warped?

Most warping will only cause the record to wobble a bit on the record player. However, when vinyl is warped too much, there is always a chance that the stylus will not track the record's grooves properly.

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Do command strips work on vinyl walls?

A: Scotch/3M does recommends not attaching Command strips to vinyl and I personally have had no success in doing so. I would guess leather is also risky as an attachment surface. Surfaces need to be very clean, dry and flat to achieve a good bond.

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Is it OK to put vinyl on wall?

Hanging your records on the wall is a very safe and effective method to celebrate your favorite musicians and favorite albums. Supplies needed to hang one cover, if you want to do more add accordingly: Vinyl Cover. 2 A1 Command Hooks; can be purchased here.

How to hang vinyls on wall without damaging them? (2024)

What can I use to stick vinyl to the wall?

Install With a Squeegee

The best way to apply vinyl to interior smooth surface walls is with a hard, felt covered plastic squeegee. This will help avoid bubbles or wrinkles in the vinyl by applying smooth even pressure. We always include a felt wrapped squeegee with any vinyl order.

Why is stacking vinyl bad?

Don't Stack Vinyl Records

Weight on horizontal vinyl can warp over time and possibly crack or create scuff marks, especially for records placed on the bottom of a stack. It is possible to fix a warped record, but you risk causing further damage and may prevent it from lasting long-term.

Do vinyls sound worse over time?

With time and repeated replays, the needle can press dust into the vinyl, meaning crackles and pops can get ingrained in the record. Digital files and CDs don't have these issues since they are read by light beams and use error correction.

What is the correct way to store vinyls?

The pressure from the weight of the vinyls on top of one another can cause damage. Always place them vertically, as you would with books. Leaning on a slant can actually warp the records so consider using a bookend or other light object to keep them fully upright.

How to decorate your room with vinyls?

Frame The Vinyl Itself

In a simple, square shaped frame, a classic record frame can be a beautiful way to show off your favorite artists while making sure the artwork doesn't take away from other decoration elements in the room.

Can you display vinyl records?

There are so many great options available to display vinyl records, from framing, to storage units, custom shelves and more, it's almost overwhelming. Welcome to the wonderful world of vinyl record collecting.

Are vinyl records back in style?

Vinyl sales in the US are up 21.7% for the first half of 2023 over the same period last year, according to a new music industry report. The vinyl resurgence is itself not new – 2022 marked the 17th consecutive year that sales of vinyl records rose, according to Luminate's music midyear report.

What is the app that keeps track of vinyl records?

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Do plastic sleeves damage vinyl records?

The plasticisers in the PVC slowly break down over the years and turn into a gas that latches onto the record, leaving a layer of misting on the vinyl. This is especially prominent, but not limited to, older picture discs that have direct contact with the outer sleeves.

What destroys vinyl records?

Firstly, stacking vinyl records in flat piles increases pressure on those lower in the stack, potentially damaging them. Likewise, never use too much isopropyl alcohol during cleaning, as this damages the protective layer covering the vinyl.

Will sunlight damage vinyl records?

Make sure that your vinyl is never stored in direct sunlight because the UV rays will cause damage. Keeping your vinyl in the sunlight adds heat to the records, which eventually warps them. In addition, the artwork on the album cover will fade.

What will damage a vinyl?

Records are often damaged by warping. A record can get warped due to improper storage, exposure to extreme heat, changes in temperature and humidity, and other factors.

Do cheap vinyl players ruin records?

To put it simply – yes, cheap turntables can ruin your vinyl records. While this won't be the case for every model out there, the risk certainly does increase if the turntable has been made with cheap materials.

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