How to hang stockings without fireplace or mantel? (2024)

How to hang stockings without fireplace or mantel?

Put inexpensive cup hooks directly beneath the stocking holders on your fireplace mantel to hang the stockings from—it will still look like your stockings are hanging from the holders… just safely! These lightweight mantle clips won't hurt little ones if they manage to pull a stocking down.

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How do you hang stockings safely?

Put inexpensive cup hooks directly beneath the stocking holders on your fireplace mantel to hang the stockings from—it will still look like your stockings are hanging from the holders… just safely! These lightweight mantle clips won't hurt little ones if they manage to pull a stocking down.

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How do you hang stockings on a blanket ladder?

Repurpose your Old Ladder as Christmas Stockings Display

To hang your Christmas Stockings, simply use a length of ribbon through the loop and tie to the rungs.

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How do you hang Christmas stockings if you don't have a mantle?

Wall: Drape a garland festoon style (hung from two or more points) across a wall. Console Table: Hang garland above a console table at picture height, with stockings suspended from it. Door Frame: Decorate an interior door frame with your favorite garland and hang stockings down the length of both sides.

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How to hang stockings for cheap?

The secret to hanging Christmas stockings is to hang them across the mantel on a CURTAIN ROD! How easy is that!

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Where are stockings traditionally hung?

One of the more popular traditions is the hanging of Christmas stockings. Many of us proudly hang our stockings over a fireplace mantel, a staircase, a bedpost, or a windowsill. While there are no definitive written accounts that explain this tradition, there are legends that shed light on the origin of this custom.

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On which day are you supposed to hang your stockings?

A Christmas stocking is an empty sock or sock-shaped bag that is hung on Saint Nicholas Day or Christmas Eve so that Saint Nicholas (or the related figures of Santa Claus and Father Christmas) can fill it with small toys, candy, fruit, coins or other small gifts when he arrives.

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How do you hang stockings without command hooks?

Find a sturdy, heavy branch that you can hang against the wall with a large ribbon or set atop your mantel. Tie lengths of twine around the branch to hang the stockings from. Then, place it on the mantel along with other decor like sculptures, garland, candles and lanterns.

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Will command hooks hold stockings?

Pro tip: Skip the nails. You can hang your Christmas stockings with Command™ Metal Hooks instead. They come in different styles and finishes that match your decor and keep your walls looking beautiful.

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How do you hang stockings on a curtain rod?

1) Very Simple Solution: Two, just two, stocking holders suspending a standard curtain rod. It doesn't get much easier than this! Keep a look out for two heavy stocking holders that have a hook or loop large enough to slip a thin curtain rod through.

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How do you hang stockings on a door?

Use command hooks or wreath hangers to hang your Christmas stockings on a door in place of a Christmas wreath! You can even fill the stockings with faux evergreen stems for an extra festive touch.

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How to decorate stockings with names?

Lay out cling wrap flat on a counter and draw your names in glue on top. Add glitter and wait for it to completely dry. Peel off letters and use a hot glue gun or any glue to stick them to the stockings.

How to hang stockings without fireplace or mantel? (2024)

What is a ladder in tights?

Meaning of laddered in English

If a pair of tights or a stocking ladders or if you ladder it, a long hole appears in it: Damn! That's the second pair of tights I've laddered today!

How to decorate without a mantle?

For this idea from Girl Loves Glam, clear out a small bookshelf in your house and make it your holiday "mantel" for the season. Arrange accents like ornaments, pinecones, snowflakes, and picture frames on the shelves; then hang a wreath over the bookshelf. You can also hang garlands or stockings.

Why do we hang stockings on mantle?

Therefore, St. Nicholas anonymously tosses three bags of gold coins down the chimney. The man's daughters had done the laundry prior and left their stockings hanging by the fireplace to dry. The gold landed in the stockings, thus starting the Christmas stocking tradition.

Where can I hang garland if I don't have a fireplace?

Simply layering the garland over a piece of furniture, with some extra touches, can create the festive look you're striving for in your space. And no fireplace, no problem! You can still utilize stocking hooks by placing them on furniture such as a console, desk, or dresser!

What can I use to hang Christmas stockings?

While you can simply hang stockings on the wall with self-adhesive hooks, tacks or tape, using everyday items like old skis or tree branches will bring more of a winter feeling indoors, adding to your decor.

How do you hang Christmas stockings from a TV stand?

We used 3M adhesive Command hooks (we got on Amazon for under $5) as stocking hangers and fastened the hooks to the backside of the TV which worked perfectly. Command Hooks can be used just about anywhere on a wall, mantel, tv or hanging wall art. The cute white knit stockings now had a hook to hang on.

How do you display a lot of stockings?

You can use decorative hooks or ribbons to secure the stockings in a row, creating a festive focal point. Another option is to hang them on a wall using adhesive hooks or decorative hangers or even on a sturdy wall frame.

How do you store stockings in a closet?

All you need is a plastic food bag or a silk bag and some labels. Choose how you would like to organise your tights and label each bag accordingly. Carefully roll your tights or stockings neatly and place them inside the bag of your choice.

What do Christmas stockings symbolize?

Saint Nicholas knew the family was very poor, so he threw three bags of gold coins down the chimney. The money landed in the sisters' stockings. Since then, children have hung up their Christmas stockings on Christmas Eve, hoping to find them filled with gifts in the morning.

Do the French hang stockings?

Instead of hanging stockings by the fireplace, French children place their shoes or slippers near the fireplace or under the Christmas tree. The next morning, if they've been good, they'll find their shoes filled with small gifts, candies, and sometimes even money.

What do stockings symbolize?

The stockings recall the fullness of our lives and the importance of grounding down into our feet. They help us stand strong on the earth, warming the foundations of life as we draw strength from our roots.

How do you hang things without command strips?

Other options include:
  1. Tape. Decorative tape can pull double duty as an accent to your décor, says House Beautiful. ...
  2. Adhesive strips. ...
  3. Poster putty/tack. ...
  4. Adhesive hooks. ...
  5. Hook-and-loop tape (velcro) ...
  6. Use your furniture.

How many pounds will command hooks hold?

Command™ Heavyweight Utility Hooks are strong and let you hang heavier items like sports bags, step ladders, backpacks and more. Holds up to 10lbs. Hang heavy items up to 15lbs with damage-free Command Utility Hooks. Get those backpacks, gym bags and sports equipment up off the floor.

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