How to hang mixtiles? (2024)

How many times can you stick Mixtiles?

With the paper cover removed, the picture can be placed on most walls. If it isn't placed right, you can easily remove the Mixtile, adjust, and replace the tile up to a few dozen times without damaging your wall.

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How much space should be between Mixtiles?

I like to have at least 2″ between the Mixtiles on any side. In order to keep things very uniform, I found the easiest way was to get a 2″ block of wood and use that as my spacer.

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How can I make my Mixtiles stick again?

What to do if your Mixtiles are falling or the tape needs refreshing. We offer free Refresher Kits to reinforce the stick for the following Mixtiles: 8.4" x 8.4" Mixtiles with the single adhesive strip along the top. Mixtiles with a single magnet on the back.


How do you measure where to hang pictures?

Use this formula: Divide the height of the frame by two; from that number, subtract the distance from the top of the frame to the hanging hardware; add this number to 57, 58, 59, or 60. The final sum is the height (measured from the floor), and where the hangers should be put into the wall.

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Do Mixtiles really stick well?

I love that these have a sticky strip, too, so I can hang them up without destroying the walls in my apartment. I was able to hang them up in no time, and they look awesome! I'm absolutely blown away by the outstanding quality of my artwork on these tiles! Very light weight & feels sturdy.

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Do Mixtiles lose their stick?

The stickies we use can be moved around a few dozen times without losing their stick! 🤓 I hope this helps!

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What is better than Mixtiles?

Overall, the Snaptiles build quality was loads better than Mixtiles. Not just because you can rearrange each tile endlessly because they stick together through magnets, but because the quality control is actually there.

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What is the spacing for wall tiles?

The common practice is a gap of 2mm or 3mm for wall tiles and between 3mm and 5mm for floor tiles, however it is important to follow the standards within the BS 5385-1 which outline the sizes required depending on the tiles being used and the substrate.

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What makes Mixtiles stick to wall?

MixTiles are designed to be easily interchangeable and can be rearranged and replaced on your wall as many times as you like. According to the company's website, the tiles are made with a self-adhesive foam board that can be removed and re-mounted without damaging your walls or the tiles themselves.

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Can you remove and Restick Mixtiles?

Reuse your tiles as many times as you please.

Possibly the biggest selling point of Mixtiles is that after removing them from one spot, it takes just as little time to tack them up in another location.

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Can you use nails to hang Mixtiles?

With Mixtiles, you can turn your personal photos into stunning wall art that you can hang anywhere — without using nails. Available styles. Shipping and Returns. Enjoy free and fast shipping on all Mixtiles orders, regardless of quantity.

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How do you measure a wall for a picture frame?

Measure the width of the room, or the space available

Once you've decided which wall you're going to hang your framed print on, measure the width of the wall. If there's a light switch or furniture that's off centre, measure the width of the available space. In other words, don't measure the full width of the wall.

How to hang mixtiles? (2024)

How do you measure a piece of tile?

To do that you take the total area of the tile and divide it by 144 (the number of square inches in a foot). So, for example, if you have a tile that is 24” x 24”, you'd first add the ⅛” grout line to both sides so that it comes to 24.125” x 24.125”. Then, you'd get the total area (length x width): 582.02”.

What is the spacing for grid gallery wall?

Most picture grids have a 1.5″-2.5″ spacing between each frame, give or take depending on your wall space and number of picture frames. Once all the picture frames are evenly spaced, measure the entire width and entire height.

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