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  • House for rent-Living in the trees and peace $1,950 Pauma Valley
  • 1 bedroom Detached Guest House for rent $2,250 Escondido
  • RV Pad Spot for 5th wheel Tiny Home Trailer Camper Class A $1,500 Ramona Poway Mt woodsen west end
  • Fitness Center, Business Center, Pet Spa, TV Lounge $3,980 Escondido
  • Fitness Center, A/C Wall Units and Heat Units, Military Bases $2,995 Escondido
  • Balcony, Shuffleboard, Swimming Pool, Patio $2,501 Escondido
  • bedroom for rent near stone brewery $950 West Escondido
  • Military Bases, Storage Closet on Balcony (2X1), Wheel Chair Access $2,501 Escondido
  • Shuffleboard, App Kitchen Island, Outdoor Cabanas, Ceiling Vaulted $3,130 Escondido
  • Patio, Fitness Center, Jacuzzi, Sundeck $2,075 Escondido
  • Appliances Stainless, Walk-In Closet, Wood-Grain Finish Flooring $3,390 Escondido
  • AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $2,300 Escondido
  • Room 4 Rent $900 Escondido
  • Package Receiving, Covered Parking, On-Site Personal $2,995 Escondido
  • Flooring Hardwood, Business Center, TV Lounge, Appliances Stainless $2,501 Escondido
  • ButterflyMX Video Intercom Entry System, Walk-In Closet, Pet Spa $2,595 Escondido
  • $1000.00 OFF !!! 1ST MONTH'S RENT oac $2,600 Escondido
  • Rv Pad and parking for Tiny Home 5th wheel or schooly Class A $1,500 Poway Mt Woodsen West End Ramona
  • RV PAD on RANCH Free | Solar | Trash | Water | Septic 300g $1,500 Poway Ramona Mt woodsen
  • Game Room, Laundry Facilities, Balcony, Recycling $1,950 Escondido
  • Covered Parking, Pet Spa, Bike Storage, Billiards $3,980 Escondido
  • Air Conditioning, W/D in house, Stainless Steal Appliances $2,418 Escondido
  • 3 Pools, Close To Colleges, Close To Shopping, Breakfast Bar (3X2) $2,501 Escondido
  • App Kitchen Island, Ping Pong, Closet Walk-in, BBQ Grill $3,130 Escondido
  • Balcony, Club House, Business Center, Vinyl Flooring $2,665 Escondido
  • Pet Spa, Ping Pong, Balcony, On-site Maintenance $2,501 Escondido
  • Breakfast Bar (3X2), Carpet/Vinyl Throughout, Close To Eateries $2,926 Escondido
  • Club House, Vinyl Flooring, Bike Storage, Pet Spa $3,390 Escondido
  • Air Conditioning, Business Center, Storage, Club House $3,190 Escondido
  • Kitchen, Pond, Balcony, Kitchen $2,075 Escondido
  • MOVE IN SPECIAL!!!!!!!! $2,300 Escondido
  • Oversized Walk-In Closets, Reserved Parking, Close To Shopping $2,501 Escondido
  • Storage, Quartz Countertops, Internet, Vinyl Flooring $2,665 Escondido
  • Patio, Refrigerator, On-Site Resident Manager, Tub/Shower $2,600 Escondido
  • Billiards, Swimming Pool, Club House, TV Lounge $2,595 Escondido
  • Internet, Patio, Outdoor Cabanas, App W/D $3,130 Escondido
  • Upgraded Kitchens, Air Conditioning, Washer/Dyers in house! $2,456 Escondido, Vista, San Marcos
  • House with View and Pool Furnished w/Utilities $2,350 Escondido
  • Jacuzzi, Disposal, Kitchen, Grill $1,950 Escondido
  • Internet, Storage, Balcony, Hot Tub $2,665 Escondido
  • Fitness Center, Sundeck, Refrigerator, Recycling $2,075 Escondido
  • Covered Parking, Internet, Club House, Air Conditioning $3,190 Escondido
  • Fitness Center, Pet Spa, Ping Pong, BBQ Grill $2,665 Escondido
  • Spacious 2 Bedroom duplex Cottage with garage and yard $2,795 Escondido
  • OPEN HOUSE! Join us this Saturday, June 29th, from 10am to 4pm $1,875 819 Montview Dr, Escondido, CA
  • 1br - Casita Mandala- Luxe 1BR in San Marcos $2,400 San Marcos
  • Internet, Quartz Countertops, BBQ Grill, Vinyl Flooring $2,665 Escondido
  • House for Rent $3,500 Escondido
  • 3 bedroom house $2,200 Valley Center
  • *** 1 Bed /1 Bath Park Model Home - 55+ Community - Vineyard Views! $1,250 Ramona, CA
  • RV Pad Spot Resort Parking FREE | Water | Solar Electricity | Trash | $1,500 Ramona Poway
  • 2/2 Bedroom Home/BEAUTIFUL, COZY-- Sweet Mobilhome Park- All Ages- $2,795 Escondido
  • Fully Furnished 30+ Day Rental Home - ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED $6,000 Escondido, CA
  • Charming 30+ Day Fully Furnished Rental - All Utilities Included $6,000 Escondido, CA
  • 1 bedroom, 1 bath Trailer for rent $1,300 Escondido
  • 2/1-CHARMING ,SWEET Mobile Home-Hidden GEM-FULLY REMODELED $2,595 Escondido
  • Apartment Attached To Beautiful 6,000 sq ft Estate Home $2,650 San Marcos/West Escondido Border
  • Beautiful Spanish Estate, 3Bd + Huge Loft/2Ba (Short or Longterm!) $6,800 Border San Marcos/West Escondido
  • 2 bed 2 bath condo. 2 story townhome $2,495 Escondido
  • Home Available in Escondido, CA $1,970 Escondido
  • ADU for rent on large property $1,800 Escondido
  • Tour With Us! Open House On 6/22/24, Ask About Our Specials $2,845 Escondido
  • POP ON BY TO OUR OPEN HOUSE ON 6/22/24 $2,395 Escondido
  • Breathtaking Escondido w/Lap Pool $2,000 Escondido
  • 1 Bedroom - Brand New Luxury Home - Available 6/1! $1,200 San Marcos
  • Charming 3bed/2bth home in Historic Escondido $3,100 Escondido
  • Hidden Meadows Guest house $2,500 Escondido
  • Spacious STUDIO FOR RENT, Pool, Jacuzzi $1,800 ESCONDIDO
  • san diego apartments / housing for rent "house for rent in escondido" - craigslist (2024)


    Why has rent gone up so much in San Diego? ›

    With supply constrained, any increase in demand translates into higher rents. Between 2010 and 2020, San Diego saw its population grow by about 10% while net new housing units increased less than 7%, according to census data. That supply-demand imbalance puts upward pressure on prices.

    What is considered affordable housing in San Diego? ›

    Housing Affordability

    Housing is considered affordable when no more than 30% of household income is spent on housing.

    Why is it so hard to find a place to rent in California? ›

    Rental Shortages

    The Census Bureau released a report at the end of July. It showed that rental vacancies are at their lowest since the mid-eighties. One reason for this is that millennials who have been living with their parents or with roommates have finally decided to move out and get started on their own.

    How is the rental market in San Diego? ›

    The median rent in San Diego rose by 0.6% over the course of May, and has now decreased by a total of 2.9% over the past 12 months. San Diego's rent growth over the past year has has fallen behind both the state (-0.9%) and national averages (-0.8%).

    What is the maximum rent increase in San Diego? ›

    The MAXIMUM annual rent cap = 5% PLUS the % CHANGE in the local Consumer Price Index (CPI). Also, no matter what the change in CPI is, the annual rent increase can never exceed 10%.

    What is the maximum rent increase in San Diego in 2024? ›

    California's Tenant Protection Act (AB 1482) restricts how much landlords can raise rent for their rental properties. The law imposes a statewide rent cap, limiting annual rent increases to 5% of the current rent plus the local rate of inflation, or 10% of the current rent, whichever is lower.

    How much money do you need to live comfortably in San Diego? ›

    Typical Expenses
    0 Children3 Children
    Required annual income after taxes$51,796$108,986
    Annual taxes$9,597$13,252
    Required annual income before taxes$61,393$122,238
    8 more rows

    What to do if you can't afford rent in San Diego? ›

    Qualifying for Rental Assistance

    Please see: What is Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher or call (858) 694-4801 or toll free at (877) 478-LIST to ask for information about the program.

    Where is an affordable place to live in San Diego? ›

    Affordable Neighborhoods in San Diego – 7 Options To Consider
    • Serra Mesa: Affordable Living with a Community Vibe. ...
    • Normal Heights: The Charm of Affordable Urban Lifestyle. ...
    • Linda Vista: College Vibes in a Budget-Friendly Neighborhood. ...
    • Mission Valley: Shopping and Affordability Combined.
    May 20, 2024

    What city in California has the highest rent? ›

    Most & Least Expensive Large Metros for Renters
    Top MetrosMedian Rent
    1. San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA$3,451
    2. San Diego-Chula Vista-Carlsbad, CA$3,175
    3. San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley, CA$3,141
    4. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA$2,777
    11 more rows
    Nov 20, 2023

    Where are California rents falling? ›

    Rent for one-bedroom units plummeted 9.1% in Oakland, while San Francisco and San Jose saw dips of 1.7% and 2.3% since May 2023, respectively. In Southern California, Los Angeles rents dropped 5% in the past year, while Long Beach rents declined 1.1%.

    Where is California's hardest spot to find an apartment? ›

    Orange County named the hardest place to find an apartment in California. A new report shows that moving to Orange County is becoming nearly impossible. "It took three years of searching to find an apartment," renter Rachel O'Connell said.

    Is there really a housing shortage in San Diego? ›

    Line chart showing existing housing units relative to the population demand in the San Diego area. Generally, there has been a growing housing deficit since the mid-1990s. As of 2022, there were -89641.6069 units.

    Is San Diego housing overpriced? ›

    Currently, the expected value of a home in San Diego is $764,788, but the average home price is listed around $946,976 — over $182,000 more than what they're worth. Skyrocketing prices are attributed to more homebuyers attracted to the area for its good weather and coastal location.

    How much should you spend on rent? ›

    So, how much should you spend on rent? Generally, experts recommend spending no more than 30% of monthly pre-tax income on housing. However, it's not always that simple. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, between 2017 and 2021, over 40% of renter households (19 million) spent more than 30% of their income on rent.

    Why is San Diego getting so expensive? ›

    High demand: San Diego's climate, job opportunities, and lifestyle make it a desirable place to live, driving up demand for housing. Cost of construction: The high cost of labor and materials also contributes to the high home prices.

    Why did rent go up so much in California? ›

    The Role of California's Housing Shortage

    This shortage has led to intense competition for available rental units, giving landlords the upper hand in pricing their properties. As demand continues to outstrip supply, rents have naturally inclined upwards.

    Is rent ridiculous in San Diego? ›

    1 most expensive place to rent in the U.S. with a median monthly price of $2,960. The median rent in San Diego is 65% higher than the nationwide average, but it is similar to prices seen in other major cities like Boston and New York City.

    How much is rent in San Diego 2024? ›

    What is the average rent in San Diego, CA? As of June 2024, the average rent in San Diego, CA is $2,294 per month. This is 51% higher than the national average rent price of $1,518/month, making San Diego one of the most expensive cities in the US.


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