Inmates, Mugshots, Visitation, Commissary, Bail (Updated for 2021) (2024)

Table of Contents

  1. About Warren County Jail
  2. Warren County Jail Addresses
    1. Physical Address
    2. Mailing Address
    3. Inmate Mailing Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Warren County Inmates
  5. Jail Bookings / Recent Arrests
  6. Mugshots
  7. Jail Visitation
  8. Inmate Phone Privileges
  9. Inmate Trust Accounts / Commissary
  10. Bail Information
  11. Conclusion

About Warren County Jail

The local jail facility for Warren County Ohio is the Warren County Jail, which is located in Lebanon, Ohio. This jail facility is not the same as the Warren County Correctional Institution, a state-level prison system that is also located in Warren County, Ohio. The Warren County Jail is a local jail, which means that it serves a different function that the Warren County Correctional Institution. Local jails tend to hold people for short periods of time and are where the county detains people prior to trial. Therefore, the Warren County Jail holds pre-trial detainees, convicted defendants who are awaiting sentencing, inmates who have been sentenced to serve out their sentences in the Warren County Jail, and inmates who are in transit between other facilities or are in the jail because they are expected to appear in court.

The Sheriff of Warren County is Larry L. Sims. The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for providing law enforcement and investigation in the unincorporated areas of Warren County, including major crime investigation, a drug task force, and handling corrections. The Warren County Jail may hold inmates detained from anywhere in Warren County, including by other law enforcement agencies in the county.

The Warren County Jail is a medium-sized local jail facility. It has 280 general population beds. The jail holds both male and female inmates. In addition, the jail is capable of housing inmates across a broad spectrum of inmates, with minimum, medium, and maximum security cells. In addition to general population inmates, the Warren County Jail has housing for special populations, including disciplinary segregation, medical segregation, and administrative segregation.

The Warren County Jail does not contract with a third-party provider for jail food. Instead, it has its own kitchen, and inmates and staff work to prepare meals for inmates. The Warren County Jail also has an on-site medical facility, with both medical and mental health staff on the premises. The Warren County Jail is certified as a Bureau of Adult Detention Certified Jail. The Warren County Jail is also more transparent than many similar local jail facilities; you can find all of the jail supervisors online. The Warren County Jail supervisors include: Corrections Lieutenant Tim Johnson, Corrections Lieutenant Michael Longo, Corrections Lieutenant Jonathan Dennison, Corrections Lieutenant Paul Dubard, Corrections Sergeant Dave Johnson, Corrections Sergeant Georgetta Sims, Corrections Sergeant Kevin White, Corrections Sergeant Renee Larson, Corrections Sergeant Nick Lamb, Corrections Sergeant Craig Jestice, Corrections Sergeant Larry Laird, and Corrections Sergeant Robert Henry. Each of these officers is responsible for supervising a crew of officers and handling the jail’s security and daily operations. This involves taking responsibility for the control, custody, and care of inmates while complying with the standards established by the Bureau of Adult Detention.

Warren County Jail Addresses

Physical Address

Warren County Sheriff/ Warren County Jail
822 Memorial Drive
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

For accurate GPS directions, use the following address instead:

Warren County Sheriff/ Warren County Jail
550 Justice Drive
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

Mailing Address

The mailing address for non-inmate mail is:

Warren County Sheriff/ Warren County Jail
822 Memorial Drive
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

Inmate Mailing Address

The mailing addresses for inmate mail is:

Inmate First Middle Last Name
Warren County Jail
822 Memorial Drive
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

While Warren County Jail does not publish its mail rules online, all correctional institutions have rules and regulations surrounding inmate mail. The goal of these rules and regulations is to ensure the safety of the correctional facility, the inmates, the workers, and the general public. Therefore, we are providing basic information about jail mail rules. If you have any questions about whether or not something you wish to send to an inmate is permitted by the Warren County Jail, you should contact the facility prior to sending it. Keep in mind that violating a jail’s mail rules can have several different consequences. You may lose your jail mail privileges, the mail may be returned to sender, or you could even face prosecution if you attempt to send contraband to an inmate.

In addition, it is important to realize that all non-privileged mail is searched for contraband, and may be read, prior to being delivered to an inmate. In addition, while the jail will not search privileged mail without an inmate being present, attorney mail may be opened and searched for contraband in an inmate’s presence, though the jail will not generally read attorney or other privileged mail unless they have cause to believe that the mail contains some type of contraband.

Most jails prohibit inmates from receiving some fairly standard items. Anything that it is illegal for an inmate to possess is prohibited, which means that you cannot send inmates drugs, weapons, material to make weapons, alcohol, or usually cigarettes or other forms of nicotine. However, there are many items that an inmate might be able to purchase from commissary, but cannot be sent from a third-party sender. These items include snack foods, sodas, writing materials, art materials, and some type of books. In addition, inmates have content restrictions on what they are allowed to possess. Generally, inmates cannot have any items with sexually explicit or p*rnographic material, nudity, violence, or escape plans. In addition, most jail prohibit inmates from possession materials that are bigoted, such as materials that target members of specific races or religious groups. Therefore, these materials, which may be perfectly legal outside of the jail setting, can be prohibited in the jail. Other items that are usually prohibited include prescription medications and over-the counter medications.

Furthermore, the jail has to worry about inmates being sent contraband in seemingly benign materials. This means that any item that could be used as a means of distributing drugs, such as stickers or stamps, cannot be sent into the jail. Likewise, seemingly innocuous materials that could be used to make weapons are prohibited; this includes things like musical cards or cards with plastic or moving parts. Likewise, Polaroid-style photographs are prohibited, not only because they have hard plastic edges that could be used to help fashion a weapon, but also because their design could hide illicit items.

Inmates may receive books and/or magazines. However, these books or magazines must be new, must be soft-cover, may be limited in size, cannot violate the other content restrictions, and must be sent from a retailer authorized to send published materials to the jail.

Phone Number

The main phone number for the Warren County Jail is 513-695-1287.

Warren County Inmates

The Warren County Jail maintains an inmate roster that lists all persons currently in custody. At the introduction page, you get an overview of jail information. That information tells you the code for the facility, the name of the jail, the jail’s population at the time of the update, the jail’s phone number, how often the information is updated, and when the information was last updated. You can then search for an inmate alphabetically by using the first or last name in the search bars or by clicking on the first letter of the inmate’s last name in the alphabet displayed on the top of the page. If you search by the first letter of the last name, you will get a list of all of the inmates with last names beginning with that letter. This overview of results shows you the jail, the inmate’s booking number, the inmates full name, where the inmate is located, the inmate’s date-of-birth, the inmate’s arrest date, and the inmate’s booking date. Clicking on an inmate’s name pulls up a more detailed record for the inmate. This detailed record includes a mugshot/ booking photo, the inmate’s race, the inmate’s gender, the inmate’s hair color, the inmate’s eye color, the inmate’s height, the inmate’s weight, where the inmate was arrested, the arresting officer, the agency that arrested the inmate, the charges against the inmate, the case number for each charge, a description of the charge, the degree of the crime charged, the charge status, the judge, the bail type (if applicable), the bail amount, the disposition for each charge, the date of the disposition, and the inmate’s next court date. It also gives information about the inmate’s prior Warren County charges.

Jail Bookings / Recent Arrests

The Warren County Jail does not maintain a recent arrest roster that you can search by arrest or booking date. However, it does have an inmate roster that lists all persons currently in custody.


While the Warren County Jail does not maintain a dedicated mugshot/ booking photo database, it does have mugshots/ booking photos available for inmates in its online inmate roster of people currently in custody.

Jail Visitation

Warren County Jail recently transitioned from in-person visitation to video visitation. This changes, not only how inmates visit with visitors who come to the jail to see them, but also the ability to visit with inmates without traveling to the jail. The Warren County Jail has selected Homewav as its video visitation service provider. You can reach Homewav in two ways. You can call them at 844-394-6639 or visit them online at In order to arrange visitation, you must set up an account with Homewav. To do this, you must log onto their website and create an account. To set up an account, you click on the new visitor button on their homepage and follow the steps to set up your account. If you have any questions, you can call their customer service number.

While setting up an account with Homewav is necessary for visitation, it is not sufficient. In order to visit with an inmate, you must be on that inmate’s visitation list. If you are not on the inmate’s list, you will not be allowed to visit the inmate.

Each inmate gets one free 20-minute visit per week. You may purchase additional visitation, but free visitation is limited. This limitation may not apply to professional visits, which can include attorneys and clergy. Those visits are also made using the Homewav system, and authorized attorneys and clergy can use the private setting when conducting visits. Otherwise, visits are monitored and recorded; there is no expectation of privacy in a video visit with an inmate. Furthermore, visitation is a privilege, not a right. Inmates may lose their visits for various reasons, and inmates on disciplinary lockdown can only have visits from immediate family members.

The visitation schedule is:

Saturday from 9am until 2 pm: all general population inmates with last names beginning with A through L.

Sunday from 9am until 2 pm: all general population inmates with last names beginning with M through Z.

Saturday 8:30am through 10am and 12pm through 1pm: all inmates in administrative segregation or on lockdown.

Because an inmate may be placed in administrative segregation or on lockdown between visits, contact the facility or Homewav prior to your visit to ensure an inmate is available at your scheduled visitation time. It is the inmate’s responsibility to inform visitors of status changes.

Additional, paid visits may be available. Contact Homewav to find out how to schedule and pay for these visits.

Inmate Phone Privileges

Warren County Jail uses a third-party service provider, Inmate Calling Solutions, also known as IC Solutions, to provide inmates access to phone calls. You can contact Inmate Calling Solutions by phone at 888-506-8407 or online at You can even pay for prepaid phone services by mail at: ICSolutions, Attn: Customer Service Department/ Prepaid Account, 2200 Danbury Street, San Antonio, TX 78217. If you are purchasing services through the mail, you need to include all of the following information in addition to your payment: your name, your address, and the phone number receiving the calls.

Inmates are only permitted to make outgoing phone calls. Inmates cannot receive any incoming phone calls. However, if you have a verifiable emergency and need to reach an inmate, you can attempt to contact the jail and ask the on-duty officer to relay information to an inmate and request that the inmate contact you. If you have information about a death, illness, or other serious event in an inmate’s life, you may be able to contact the jail and have them work with their clergy or mental health workers to help tell the inmate the information.

Inmate Solutions makes sure that all call recipients are aware they are receiving calls from jail. The first thing you hear when you receive a jail call is a message that you have a call from the Warren County Jail. You can accept the call (and the charges, if applicable), refuse the call, or block the call. Some portion of a call may be free if the inmate is calling a new number. After that portion of time, the call is transferred to Inmate Calling Solutions customer service to set up an account.

All jail phone calls, except for attorney calls and other privileged phone calls, are subject to monitoring or recording.

All calls are subject to monitoring and recording. Do not use any call features during a jail call, such as three-way, call-forwarding, or call-waiting. Attempts to do so will result in the call being terminated.

Inmate Trust Accounts / Commissary

The Warren County Jail uses Keefe Commissary Network to provide commissary/ canteen services to inmates at the jail. Inmates can use funds in their inmate trust accounts to purchase items through a jail store. This process is known as canteen or commissary. Items that may be available for purchase through canteen/ commissary include health and beauty items, hygiene items, over-the-counter medications, brushes or combs, clothing that is not supplied by the jail, writing items, entertainment items, snacks, and sodas.

You can put money in an inmate’s trust account in a number of ways. You can use the kiosks located in the jail lobby, call Keefe Commissary Network/ Access Corrections at 866-345-1884, or go online to Some commissary providers also allow you to purchase items for inmates, rather than put money on their accounts. Visit the website to see if this is a possibility at Warren County Jail.

Bail Information

To find out if an inmate has had bail set for certain charges, look up the inmate at and check on the inmate’s bail status and amount.

The bail amount may be payable in full, which is a cash bond, or you may be able to pay part of it, which is a bail bond. When a cash bond is paid, the full amount of the bond is refundable as long as the inmate appears at all scheduled hearings and complies with all conditions of release. When a bail bond is paid, you hire a third-party, known as a surety or bail bondsman, to guarantee the inmate’s appearance at trial and adherence to release conditions. This third party charges you a fee, which is non-refundable, even if a defendant is acquitted at trial or charges are dismissed.


The Warren County Jail, run by the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, is the local jail facility for Warren County, Ohio. It is both a pre-trial and post-conviction detention facility, which houses male and female inmates. You can contact the jail at its main number, which is 513-695-1287.

Inmates, Mugshots, Visitation, Commissary, Bail (Updated for 2021) (2024)


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