Hidey Holes & Miniquests (2024)

Hidey Holes & Miniquests

Hidey holes (STASH units)

Having hundreds of items in your bank set aside for completing treasure trail emote clues is not terribly convenient. If you want to hold onto your emote clue items, you have to sacrifice a large chunk of your bank to do so.

Well - no longer do you have to choose between your love of bank space and your love of clues! Hidey holes, also known as STASH (store things and stuff here) units, are here!

Hidey Holes & Miniquests (1)

STASH units can be used to store emote clue items in the immediate area of emote clue locations. Created from various inconspicuous bushes and crates across the world, STASH units require varying construction levels and item requirements to create:

  • Easy STASH units - Level 27 Construction - Regular planks & nails
  • Medium STASH units - Level 42 Construction - Oak planks & nails
  • Hard STASH units - Level 55 Construction - Teak planks & nails
  • Elite STASH units - Level 77 Construction - Mahogany planks & nails
  • Master STASH units - Level 88 Construction - Mahogany planks, nails & gold leaf

  • Hidey Holes & Miniquests (2)

    STASH units cannot be used in Deadman mode.

    Across the map you can find a whopping 108 STASH units to be built. Grab some nails, planks and head out to set up your STASH units today!

    Last Man Standing beta

    The Last Man Standing beta is now accessible for players who were accepted into the closed beta program. Open until Monday, just under 2,000 players will be relentlessly playing the minigame to provide us with valuable feedback in preparation for release later this month.

    Hidey Holes & Miniquests (3)

    If you weren't invited to the beta, keep an eye out on YouTube and Twitch as participants are free to share their experience with you. Last Man Standing will be on the way to Old School in the very near future, so hold tight!

    Miniquest list

    A list of miniquests has been added to the bottom of the existing quest list. This will help you keep track of your progress through various miniquests.

    Hidey Holes & Miniquests (4)

    Early display name change with bonds

    Please note: The early display name change with bonds feature will be disabled immediately following the update as we perform some live testing. The feature will be enabled shortly after the update, once testing is complete.

    Old School bonds can now be redeemed to bypass the cooldown on name changes. If you wish to redeem a bond to bypass the cooldown, you must do so through the existing bond interface.

    To find the bond interface, click the settings tab and then the bond button.

    Hidey Holes & Miniquests (5)

    From here, you can redeem your bond to bypass the name change cooldown by using the redeem option found in the bottom-right of the interface.

    Hidey Holes & Miniquests (6)

    Once you have confirmed your redemption, you will need to log into the main RuneScape website and access the display name section to change your display name. You can read more in-depth instructions of how to do this in our help centre.

    Pothole dungeon expansion

    The pothole dungeon has received an expansion! You can now head into the extended upstairs area to find many more jogres to take on.

    Hidey Holes & Miniquests (7)

    In other news

  • A medium clue scroll has been moved out of the Wilderness for consistency with other clues.
  • Heraldic kiteshields and helmets will now be converted to their standard versions upon death in PvP.
  • The amount of nightshades given when harvesting has been increased to three.
  • Pest Control portals will now block ranged attacks passing through them.
  • The examine information on Ornamented Godswords has been changed to better reflect their appearance.
  • Where possible, clue nests will now appear next to the player rather than under them.
  • Brugsen has been moved away from the combat zone in the Grand Exchange.
  • Clue caskets dropped by crocodiles will now be placed in the player's inventory.
  • Fairy Nuff's certificate can now be given a bank placeholder.
  • Bugfixes

  • Fixed an issue where the lyre would show through a player's legs.
  • Certain tasks from the Lumbridge & Draynor achievement diary can now be completed on the upper floors of Lumbridge castle.
  • Using spellbook swap on the ancient gate in Legends' Quest will no longer cause the spellbook to remain swapped.
  • You can no longer enter Death to the Dorgeshuun instances when skulled on Deadman mode.
  • A stretching issue with Godswords has been fixed.
  • Releasing toads in the duel arena no longer causes a delay.
  • Fixed an issue where the family crest easy Falador task would not always complete first time.
  • Resolved an issue with the herb sack and the bank.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect wizard type would spawn when doing some hard clues.
  • The clue hunter outfit can no longer be taken to Entrana.
  • Watson will no longer take clues that he already has when offering all clues.
  • Fixed an issue where an emote clue on the agility pyramid would not always work.
  • You can no longer bypass a master skill challenge by dropping it and completing a different master skill challenge.
  • A stretching issue with the Ankou outfit has been fixed.
  • Alice's husband can now be spoken to when wearing Morytania legs 3 & 4.
  • Fixed an issue where a small area of the Kourend Caracombs was not multiway combat.
  • Using purple or white firelighters on inappropriate logs will now provide an appropriate message.
  • Corrected some text when buying a Smithing cape from Thurgo as the wrong perk was listed.
  • Fixed a spelling error on an elite clue scroll riddle.
  • Killing ankous located in the Wilderness will now work for clue scroll tasks.
  • Fixed an error where the wrong NPC was listed when handing in a hard anagram clue scroll.
  • The Ring of Suffering (i) now has the correct wield requirement.
  • Free to play players can no longer obtain the clue hunter outfit, as it is a member's item.
  • Discuss this update on our forums.

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    Hidey Holes & Miniquests (2024)


    What are hidey holes? ›

    ˈhī-dē-ˌhōl. variants or hidy-hole. Definition of hidey-hole. as in hideout. a place where a person goes to hide or to avoid others commandos captured the deposed dictator in a carefully camouflaged cellar that he had been using as a hidey-hole.

    How do you use Hidey holes? ›

    To use the Hidey-hole, simply choose the "Grapple" option on your obstacle, and your character will automatically access it and replace it back in the hidey-hole after they're done grappling. No inventory or equipment space is required to use a shortcut with a completed hidey-hole.

    How to build hidey holes in RS3? ›

    To build a hidey-hole, right click the shortcut and select the build option. There are currently seven hidey-holes available to build, which cover all grapple spots except the poison waste shortcut, the Bandos Agility Course, and the Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course.

    Can you use Protean planks for hidey holes? ›

    The materials and level required to convert these inconspicuous objects into hidey-holes depend on the tier of clue scroll they relate to (boosts can be used). For all tiers, any type of nail will work and protean planks may be substituted for any type of plank.

    What is a hidey hole slang? ›

    informal. : an area or space used as a hiding place. Payday in Iraq means taking home a wodge of notes from your boss and shoving it under your bed or into some hidey-hole before finding time to visit your local bank to make a deposit.

    What is a hide hole? ›

    noun. , Informal. a nook or cranny used as a hiding hide hiding place.

    What are hidey hole food plots? ›

    Hidey Hole food plots are not designed to increase the quantity of nutritious forage in an area, but to allow hunters to observe and harvest mature bucks at close range by providing high quality forage with minimal equipment and expense. Hidey Holes are a great tool to harvest mature bucks.

    Where does the term "hidey hole" come from? ›

    The earliest known use of the noun hidey-hole is in the 1810s. OED's earliest evidence for hidey-hole is from 1817, in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. hidey-hole is a variant or alteration of another lexical item. Etymons: English hiding-hole.

    How many pigeon cages are behind Jericho's house? ›

    The answer to the medium clue scroll step asking how many are behind Jerico's house is 3.

    What are protean planks used for? ›

    Protean planks are items won on Treasure Hunter. They can be interacted with either a construction hotspot or a workbench in player-owned house, or a portable workbench, which gives experience but no items. 60 protean planks can be used at once in the Make-X interface.

    What is the unstable protean plank? ›

    Unstable protean planks are a Treasure Hunter reward from the Cerberus Rush promotion. They can be used in the same ways as protean planks and grant 10% more experience than the stable version but do not benefit from Double XP Live or knowledge bombs.

    Where to use Protean hides? ›

    Protean hides are used to earn Crafting experience without creating any items, rewarded from Treasure Hunter. Crafting catalysts can be used with protean hides.

    What is a hidey? ›

    noun. informal. a nook or cranny used as a hiding place. [1810–20; hide1 + -ey2 + hole]

    What size is a hidey hole food plot? ›

    These are small food plots or openings between major feeding and bedding areas. The hidey hole plot the buck is in, in this video, is less than 1/8th acre in size. It actually connects through a fence gap to a much larger food plot. Deer tend to use the larger food plot after dark, especially mature bucks.


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