DIY at the Chateau ! by France Made Simple (2024)

DIY at the Chateau ! by France Made Simple (1)

DIY at the Chateau !

France Made SimpleJun 19, 2024



Do you know your SAMU from your SMUR?For new arrivals who are already struggling to get to grips with the language, the wide range of French acronyms that are in use on a daily bais, can prove daunting to say the least! We talk you through the most frequently used terms to simplify your day to day life in France. And you can find a complete list here Jun 25, 202416:01DIY at the Chateau !We chat to Julia McKeivoir (as seen on C4’s Chateau DIY) about buying and renovating a massive 1790’s chateau in the south west of France. A must listen for anyone who loves old French properties! You can catch up with Julia on FB here and read more about Paul and Julia here Jun 19, 202424:05Splish, splash, splosh!All you need to know when it comes to installing a pool in France! We look at where to site it, the type to choose, essential safety considerations and of course, all the paperwork that you need to complete. Check out the legal requirements here : Jun 11, 202422:09How do I buy a car in France?We run though all the administrative procedures (and yes, there are quite a few…!) and discuss all the things you need to think about before signing on the dotted line. Check out vehicle prices here see what help is available when buying here and register your new vehicle online here Jun 03, 202417:31Behind the scenes with Benji Lewis!Interior designer Benji Lewis tells us what he loves about the Les Landes region is the south west of France, reveals how he ended up here and gives his personal perspective on interior decor French style! A must listen for anyone who loves French houses! You can follow Benji on Instagram @benjilewisinteriors and check out his site May 28, 202429:09What’s happening in the French Property Market right now…!We catch up with Sheelagh Gorman who’s the co-owner of Agence Newton and pick her brains on buying property in France! Sheelagh explains what potential buyers can get out of attending French property shows in the UK and reveals what buyers can expect when they use her agency. And you can see all the properties Agence Newton currently has for sale and get in touch with them here: May 17, 202420:47One for the ladies!We take a look at the differences between France and the UK when it comes to female healthcare and what you need to know when visiting the gynaecologist. Find a specialist near you here May 06, 202415:02Moving To France - The Ultimate Guide Part 1In this first episode of a three part mini series we look at everything you need to consider from a practical and emotional perspective when moving to France. As well as insider knowledge how from the host - a seasoned mover herself - we share tips, tricks and regrets from our listeners.Apr 25, 202430:19Visas - Your Questions Answered!Visa and relocation guru Fabien from Fab French Insurance joins us to answer listeners questions on the tricky subject of getting a visa!Apr 25, 202423:44Moving to France - The Ultimate Guide Part 3In this final episode we look at all the people and organisations you need to inform when you move within France. Notify the tax office, health providers, EDF etc here : and register to vote here : Make sure your pets new address is registered here : and don’t forget to get your post redirected too! Apr 22, 202418:31Moving to France - The Ultimate Guide Part 2We look at everything you need to get done in the final month before your move and all the post Brexit rules and regulations that concern your move to a new life in France! Complete your customs declaration CERFA 10070 here and get all the customs info you need at Apr 18, 202424:29Making friends in FranceHow do you make friends with the French? Well, pretty much the same way you make friends anywhere in the world but you will need to put yourself out there and try! We look at some of the ways you can make this easier!Apr 15, 202418:05Just get the pineapple yoghurts!Something a bit different ! A look at how making time for yourself can help you enjoy your life in France.Apr 05, 202415:55L’ÉcurieWe catch up with the people behind a really great community centre in Normandy and reveal how you can get involved. Check out their page on Instagram : lecuriegenets Mar 18, 202427:05Time saving tips for life in FranceFrench paperwork is notoriously time consuming so we look at all the main apps available which allow you to so stuff from your phone or tablet and free up more time for doing the things you like!Jan 30, 202423:33Spend less and live more!We look at all the ways you can shave costs and reduce your outgoings! From energy saving measures - to car-share - to energy and phone tariffs comparison sites - and - we go through all aspects of household expenditure and reveal how to spend less!Jan 22, 202437:09France Made SimpleSurvive France’s Catharine Higginson explains why she moved to France and why you should too!Jan 15, 202407:02Making a livingWe discuss some of the ways you can generate an income in France and take an in depth look at running gîtes.Jan 15, 202430:40Earning a living We answer listeners questions about employment and self-employment and look at working for an overseas employer whilst living in la belle France! Find out all you need to know about working for an overseas employer here : Complete your employment formalities here : Jan 15, 202430:37Where should we buy?France is a huge country and deciding where to buy a property can be a difficult decision to make! Cat explains all the factors you need to take into consideration before you find your dream home.Jan 15, 202438:12Becoming an Entrepreneur. Starting your own business in France is simple as long as you know how! We look at the start up procedure and possible pitfalls. You can register as an AE here Find information on the qualifications required for certain professions here And find out lots of useful additional information here and last but not least, don’t forget to get your public liability insurance - responsabilité civile professionnelle - policy in English from Dec 06, 202326:28Car InsuranceA quick overview of how French car insurance works with Nannie from Fab French InsuranceDec 02, 202316:56All about healthcareWe chat to healthcare specialist Marieanne from Fab French Insurance who has some very useful information to impart and explains how reimbursem*nts actually work!Dec 01, 202320:26 It’s all about pensions!We catch up with pensions advisor David Lawson who runs through just some of the things you need to know if you are planning for a happy retirement! Mobile / WhatsApp : +33 (0) 6 33 52 17 05 Calandly Link – Book a Zoom meeting with me - YouTube Channel Intro - Email – Nov 30, 202344:49Getting a visaWe talk to our favourite French insurance expert - Fabien Pelissier -about getting a visa which you will need if you want to move to France on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. Fabien talks us through all the different types of visa, explains the application pitfalls people might encounter and how to avoid them! Sep 15, 202337:09Finding a property!We talk through the various choices buyers have from buying privately to using agents.Sep 11, 202331:03
DIY at the Chateau ! by France Made Simple (2024)


What has happened to Chateau DIY? ›

Chateau DIY has run for 3 series and series 4 is currently in production. The brand has been extended with Christmas specials that aired starting in 2021.

How many series are there of Chateau DIY? ›

Will there be a series 5 of Chateau DIY? ›

Chateau DIY is back. Filming started at the end of 2019 and continued throughout 2020.

Is there a Chateau DIY series 4? ›

Chateau DIY - Series 4: Episode 1 | Channel 4.

Which couple split up on Chateau DIY? ›

Escape to the Chateau's Dick and Angel Strawbridge have broken their silence and said the rancorous split from Channel 4 was 'planned in advance' and the reason they had never spoken about it was because they followed the Queen's advice.

Why was the chateau cancelled? ›

"It was two years ago that we decided to end the Escape to the Chateau series,” he said. "We made the decision because the kids are growing older, and all the parallel activity was not sustainable at this level. We are doers and we are never going to stop completely, but we're also protecting them.

How much is the Escape to the Chateau DIY mansion selling for? ›

Synopsis. The Chateau DIY mansion is up for sale. Know how much the price has been listed. The Chateau-de-la-Motte Husson Mansion, which appeared on the show Escape to the Chateau DIY,' has been listed for sale by French estate company Leggett Immobilier International for £750,000.

Did Nicole and Stephen split? ›

Happily Ever After: Well most of the Chateau owners have kept their dream alive. However there was places that no longer have their presented owners and in the case of Nicole and Stephan of Château d'Humières, they broke up while trying to restore Château de Lucheux which shows how a building can affect everything.

How old are Dorothy and Arthur now? ›

How old are Arthur and Dorothy Strawbridge from Escape to the Chateau? Dick and Angel Strawbridge are parents to Arthur and Dorothy. Arthur was born in 2013 and is nine, while eight-year-old Dorothy was born in 2015.

How to watch Chateau DIY in the US? ›

You can watch Château DIY on Peaco*ck.

What is the HGTV show about the chateau in France? ›

Episodes | Escape to the Chateau | HGTV.

How many seasons are there for Chateau DIY? ›

Where can I watch season 4 of Chateau DIY? ›

Watch Château DIY Season 4 Streaming Online | Peaco*ck.

Who is Gerry with Stephanie in Chateau DIY? ›

A Framlingham taxi driver has been living a double life working as a chateau repairman. For the last 15 years Gerry Grady, who owns Framlingham Taxis, has been journeying to the chateau LeLande in the centre of France to help owner Stephanie Jarvis restore the 16th century architectural marvel.

Who has sold their chateau from Chateau DIY? ›

Château La Perrière has been part of Karen, Paul, and their kids Thomas and Katie's lives for over sixteen years. And visiting and restoring their home has been a labour of love – and an adventure too. Now they've sold up and are moving on to the next chapter of their lives.

What happened to the HGTV show chateau? ›

Escape to the Chateau came to an end in December 2022, with the couple saying they believed the show was going “out on a high”.

Do Angels' parents still live at the chateau? ›

When Stephen and Jennifer retired, they uprooted their lives to follow their daughter to France. In fact, the couple went on to live on Angel and Dick's estate which is a stone's throw away from the home.


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